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Oh lord jesus, protect me from thy followers

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Oh lord jesus, protect me from thy followers

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Why, exactly, is it that the religion which comprises over 2/3rds of the people who are religious in the US has somehow had a major portion of its members get their heads stuck on the idea that they're somehow a persecuted minority? The religion whose tenets get printed on our damned currency, no less?
Hurry up and make your Conservative party, Sarah Palin. And take all the crazy religious nutjobs with you to it-- and show us all how badly you fare without associating yourselves with an organization that's not intrinsically religious. Do it quick, though, Jeebus is coming and you'll want to do this before the Rapture!
  • Don't you see, we're persecuting them by not letting them have the theocracy they've always wanted.

    And a pony.
  • To many reasons to list?

    Basically, we're free to be bat shit crazy in this country and we have a piss poor public school system.
  • They are oppressed by not being able to attack us, destroy our rtights and kill us with impunity

    Damn we're so unfair
  • Meh, I find the crazy Christianist attitude insulting...as a sane Christian.
  • Iran and it's theocracy is evil. Sarah Palin for president.
  • You may have heard of the acronyms RINO and DINO-- Republican/Democrat In Name Only. In my experience, most people that call themselves Christians fall into that category (CINOs). If you took everyone in the country that took their beliefs seriously, I doubt a majority would be Christian.

    That's why I'm really tired of hearing 'but CHRISTIANS are a MAJORITY' repeated as if it means anything.
    • The CINO point is not one I'd considered. That said, my folks are definitely not CINOs, and bitch about the CINOs a LOT, tho they don't have that name for it.

      Thank you much for making me think!
      • You're welcome, and thanks to you for being willing to think (something that's all too uncommon these days sadly).

        Another minor point: "In God We Trust" isn't exclusive to Christianity; if it said "In Jesus We Trust" then you would be absolutely correct. As is, it encompasses pretty much all the monotheistic religions, save Islam which insists on using Allah instead.
  • Thank you! It's maddening to hear that 'persecution' claim and rarely does anyone point out just how nuts that idea is.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.
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