I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

And in filmmaker news...

...I have finally found a name for something on LJ that's been driving me nuts.
There's been all sorts of BAW WAAAAH DIRECTORS AND ACTORS SIGNED A PETITION COMPLAINING THAT ROMAN POLANSKI GOT ARRESTED IN SWITZERLAND AT A FILM FESTIVAL BECAUSE FILM FESTIVALS SHOULDN'T BE ABOVE THE LAW THEY ARE ALL HITLER AND EVIL AND CHILD MOLESTERS BY ASSOCIATION AND I WILL NEVER SEE ANOTHER MOVIE THEY TOUCH BAWWWWW noises on LJ of late. Now, personally, I can understand being disappointed if you don't read the petition; the wording very carefully emphasizes that these people found it unpleasant that a film festival was used for a situation of extradition of a criminal who's been on the lam for 31 years or so. There's no effort to defend the crime in question here: simply an expression of displeasure with the act undertaken by the US government and Swiss officials.
BTW, did you know Roman Polanski has been in and out of Switzerland for years? What, surely there wasn't any grandstanding by the governments involved at work here! This was the soonest they could've apprehended Polanski, and their first chance in, uh...
...looks like 20some years. Of having to hand over his passport at the border for most of them.

Anyways, I am also not looking forward to the cringing agony of watching people shriek 'throw the book at him' when the crime he pled guilty to carries a maximum sentence of, uhm... 1 year or so. So there's going to be a lot of shrieking about how he OBVIOUSLY WAS FAVORED BY THE SYSTEM when the max penalty- seriously, I looked it up and so can you, there's google and it's the california penal code- is 3 years. If he's charged with evading arrest, he'll likely serve more time for that crime than for the initial one.

And now, I have finally found a name for this debacle.
In the great tradition of Nipplegate, Harry Potter and the Underaged Depiction of Sexual Activity, race!fail, and fail!fail, I bring you...
Use the term in good health, my friends.
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