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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Stupid subconscious

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Stupid subconscious

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bernard black
So I'm on the way home tonight from helLA.
Had a restless night last night, and awoke- in the luxurious hotel suite that I was sharing with m4dh4tt3r. He was awake already, and said 'Good morning! I went across the street and got breakfast!' and opened the drapes on a view of something that looked a lot like a sidestreet in the Rive Gauche in Paris. Breakfast was a brie-on-baguette sandwich and a cappuccino.
Then the hotel staff came in and started cleaning as I kind of went 'meh go away' and they were louder and louder until I was left with no choice but to--

wake up, in the Motel 6 hotel suite, to m4dh4tt3r snoring away in the stuffy dark. Bugger sleep for a lark, thinks I, and so to the shower, and to the street, and so to the office.
  • Yuck. What a shitty way to wake up. You have my sympathies.
    • It was definitely a moment of 'wow, my subconscious mind is a complete bastard'. I was honestly chuckling about it before I was in the shower.
  • wow.
    2 thoughts
    1) I want to swap your dreams for mine. The last one I remember was something that involved a lot of my own blood spurting before i woke up.
    2) that was an amazingly rotten trick your brain pulled. At least in my case i felt relief when i woke up in my GF's spare bedroom with her child being yelled at to get dressed for school.
    • I think the brainmeats are getting annoyed with the repeated travel to LA.
  • Wow, it's like the dream where you wake up and get ready and go to work only to wake up and have to do it all again, multiplied by one cranky subconscious. So sorry.

    ...and now I want a brie-and-baguette sandwich. Hmm.

    Any word on the rumored SF office?
  • meh, frustrating. can't you work from home EVERY DAY?
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