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Mark yer calendars

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Mark yer calendars

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So on Tuesday, Sept. 29, lyricagent and I will be @ Forbidden Island tiki bar, in Alameda. I'm thinking we'll shoot for about 7 PM arrival; we're going to take BART to Oakland 12th St., then the #19 AC Transit bus out to Alameda. We'll likely wind up cabbing back to BART, because I suspect we'll be drunk as lords.

You're welcome to join us!
  • I am not flying over there just to join you @ a Tiki bar!

    There has to be at least some strippers, I mean, make it worth my intercontinental freaking WHILE here.
  • I will be there, with bells on.

    Well, maybe not bells.
    • In case you're acquiring the point of 'dude, WTF, where are you people' before that (or after), you can email me at this username @livejournal.com: it goes straight to the blackberry. ;)
  • Sadly, school night outings -- especially ones on the other side of the bay -- don't work so well for me. Someday I'll be able to get my tiki on with you guys. Until then, please drink one or two for me. :)

    (Also, I thought Trevor was going home today?)
  • How funny, my old roommate used to work there. Were I not packing that night for a gig, I'd be tempted to join.
    • Heh- I'm packing that afternoon for a trip to the office, so I understand.
  • we may join you depends on how I feel..I'll know over the next few hours :)
    • So figgered I'd tug yer sleeve to see if this looked possible or no... ;)
  • I'm very tempted, but the whole "schoolnight across the bay" thing means it is unlikely I will make it. Management class the next morning and a week packed with awful management stuff of varying stripes.

    I want to, though, pretty badly. So I might anyways and say fuck it to the week.
    • As I'm SUPPOSED to be flying to LA for a half-week's work tomorrow AM, well... I vote aye, & so does lyricagent. But you should do what you're comfortable doing: I can fake it pretty well, at this co.
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