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so facebook is weird

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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so facebook is weird

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right., er
I had been resisting creating an account because, in main, I didn't want to contemplate the people from high school winding up in touch with me.

So yesterday I went 'fine fuck it' and made an account.

And a bit of very shallow digging produced one of the people I liked a hell of a lot from high school. Who's in touch with someone I knew from elementary school on... and who I was used to thinking of as 'the kind of chubby young woman with the cokebottle glasses'.
Who, nowadays?

Uhm, huh.
  • (no subject) -
    • She really has aged beautifully. I give her many points- because I'm sure there were some deliberate decisions involved.
      And they obviously paid off.
  • On Facebook now? Can't find you!
    • Really? Given that random people I haven't spoken to in years found me, I'd think you should be able...

      TM are the initials involved. alternately, this should point you at my profile...
  • Eeeek. I have exes from high school trying to "hook up" with me on Facebook. Gah.
    • Oh yeah, I was scoping out one of the jocks earlier.
      Let's not say anything definitive about that, since this post isn't locked to friends-only.

      He has, however, aged well.
      • LOL the cheerleader that ripped on me in HS is now twice my weight and apparently has 3 kids with assorted fathers.
    • Hahahahahah yeah the jock who gave me the MOST grief in highschool propositioned me in a shopping mall bathroom, last I saw him.
    • Time makes fools of us all.

      And some folks, fortunately more amusingly foolish than ourselves.
      • Yeah, I finished high school 2 years early, shot up from 5'0 to 5'8" the following summer, then once I turned 18, shot up to 6'0" and went from an A cup to a D cup. And joined the Army.
        • browsing my LJ- damn, woman, you're 6'0"? well, you're gorgeous for a tall woman in addition to being gorgeous for a not-tall woman.
  • Late bloomers FTW.

    Facebook is generally fairly useless, except that I have a few valued folks who only update there, and I have a few timewaster games there I like to play. In my case, my Facebook status = my Twitter feed (speaking of timewasters). Also, got back in touch with one or two old friends that way, and have so far successfully avoided the horrors.

    Also, I don't use the damn Facebook chat, which I suspect to be 90% of the source of all Facebook drama.
    • And she bloomed wonderfully, didn't she? I am very happy for her.

      I doubt I'll bother with facebook too terribly much other than the timewaster games, truth be told.
      • Communication-wise from a networking angle, it's good for the short things.

        Many times I've passed on writing up a LiveJournal entry on "Thing X" when "Thing X" is just a new trailer for Imaginarium or something and I don't feel like writing a little review or something. FaceBook is good for "Here's a neat thing. Bam"
        • This. I find that LJ has become a place for my more detailed thoughts and things which I'd like to keep more private. Facebook, for me, is mostly a place to share neat links and information about events. There's some bleed over between the two, but not a lot.
    • (no subject) -
      • I dislike real-time communication, honestly. E-mail for me. IM is preferable to phones if it's an unfamiliar voice as I have some hearing issues, but I also dislike being constantly interrupted by IMs, and I'm not always good at remembering to turn the client on/off and have ticked folks ioff in the past by not being available when they wanted.
  • Yeah, but you also get the ones you don't want finding you.
    Case in point - Carolyn
    Case in point two - your twit of an ex-roommate just tried to add me.
  • You should play Pet Society; all my reading room friends do.
    • Haven't seen that one. been elbowdeep in mafia wars and vampire wars, so far.
  • Have I told you my theory that the introduction of Facebook and Twitter represent the nascent stirrings of the universe's slowest hive mind?

    Welcome to the collective, I guess! :)
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