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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

It's true. Warning: picture is freaking HUGE (3000x4000 pixels);…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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Yes and? (riff-raff)
It's true.

Warning: picture is freaking HUGE (3000x4000 pixels); renders down neatly on the LJ image page, though.
  • oh my god in heaven

    i just

    cannot breathe for laughing right now

    you magnificent bastard
    • Blame lyricagent for the photo- I actually had NO idea why I was to stand in that particular location and be photographed.
      • So I clicked through again over two hours later and it still made me choke laughing.

        I'm 12.
        • You also made me LOL.

          BTW, I'll be down both next Weds-fri and the week after. Folk from the office are thinking about going to Tiki Ti on Wednesday this coming week- like, turning up around 4-5 and getting some table space before the bar turns into cheek-to-jowl.
          Shall I keep you posted? And yes, you can lean on my wallet if you need. ;)
          • HRM

            The big problem is that I'm now working Mon-Fri at UCS until 6, for the next indefinite period of who knows when. So then I'd have to get home, get Del, and by the time I got there, it'd be 7 or even later. :/

            Which is good, because yay money. But boo no socializing on weekdays, really.
            • Oh we could hang onto a table through 7ish. Del could hop the red line, too- it's not at all far from a red line stop (I think it was about 7 minutes' walk)...
  • Bahaha awesome!
    • As above-commented- I don't get the credit for anything but standing there, lyricagent did the posing and photography, quite to good effect, IMHO. ;)

  • that's some long extended humping.

    I think you're almost-smirk helps sell it, though.
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