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Curious, this

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Curious, this

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So when I was in my teens, this song (which is titled 'Dancing With Tears In My Eyes', and is by a band named Ultravox) had a poignant relevance. It just happened to come up on shuffle and I am stunned by how little relevance it has to the world I live in now.

Wow. Do I have to say 'thank you, Ronald Reagan, for ending the Cold War', or can I just lay the blame for the irrelevance at the feet of Mikhail Gorbachev? Because the scenario in the lyrics stopped being probable in the late 80s.
Nearly 20 years ago.
I remember living with the thought that at any point, my life could end at 17 minutes' warning as the ICBMs rained down on the west coast of this continent. It actually is telling about the world being better now than it was in the past that this song was, at the time, a top-40 hit, and is now merely cringingly irrelevant.
  • Oddly enough, Reagan actually does deserve some credit here. He resisted the urging of a number of hawks in the Pentagon - particularly Pearle, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz (yes, they'd actually been knocking around since the Nixon Administration) who vehemently advocated military brinkmanship over talking with the Russians. They kept at the same philosophy on into the second Bush administration in regards to North Korea, Iran, etc.; hence the recent attitude that you just don't talk with enemies. Thankfully, unlike G. W. B., Reagan would have none of it. He was certain that if he could just talk with Gorbachev, they could work things out, somehow, which, of course, turned out to be true.
  • ...very, very good point. I actually just read a staggeringly interesting interview with Gorby @ bbc.co.uk: it's here: credit to andstillitmoves.
    Really, really worth reading for anyone who remembers Gorbachev's regime.

    Also, isn't it weird what we took as the status-quo as teens that we now look at and go '...that's just not gonna happen'? I know I keep being staggered by that.

    Edited at 2009-09-21 11:03 am (UTC)
  • Yeah, Reagan gets some points for Not Fucking It Up. He didn't really do much to *create* it, but when the opportunity to screw things up was offered he ignored the neocons. After Bush II, this looks like a much more considerable achievement.
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