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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Also wow: there's a thunderstorm hitting San Francisco. I think this…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Also wow: there's a thunderstorm hitting San Francisco.
I think this is #2 I've seen in 13 years of residing in this city.
  • heard it
    appreciated it for its awesomeness
  • I KNOW, how AWESOME is this?!
  • Slept right through that, but am doing the "wtf?" right alongside the cats at the rain spattering the windows here&now... I think this may be the first ever rain they've heard here.
  • I know, right?

    Had a bit of a time convincing David that, NO, that is thunder NOT PLANES DAMMIT.

    I mean, just because thunder's rarer than hen's teeth around here...
  • drivers window smashed; discovered at 2:30am.
    Awoke to a phone call at 9:30 I ignored.
    Until I heard the rain.
  • (no subject) - oh6
  • And yet, somehow, every show/movie set in SF with a supernatural theme is chock full of dramatic thunderstorms during the opening credits! :)
  • Yes, we got some actual weather here for once. The things you miss if you have a normal patriotic schedule.

    Of course, the weather channel said it was 'fair' out.
  • I remember one in my 4 years there, and I was cycling through it :). OK. maybe 2 in 4 years, tops. The weather is so mellow in The City it's disconcerting.
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