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4th Pirates of the Caribbean title announced:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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4th Pirates of the Caribbean title announced:

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I doubt, but can hope, that it'll be a Tim Powers-penned film.

I'm not the only one hoping,
as we can see here. Interesting that Powers' publicist is saying 'talk to Disney' rather than 'nope, not us, sorry'.

EDIT to add:
Check comments: Powers is credited as author on something that's copyrighted, and held in conjunction with Disney.
Methinks we're looking at a new era of fantasy getting into film. And I want Last Call directed by Gilliam, with Jeff Bridges as the main character. NOW.
  • I doubt it will be Powers-penned, but they might use some of the book. Could be just a case of them paying a pittance for the use of the title, though, a la Bladerunner.
    • I find it intriguing that Powers' publicist isn't saying 'nope' or 'yep' but instead 'talk to Disney'.
      They'll probably bollix it all up if they do attempt to adapt Powers, but it'll probably make a mint regardless, which will get people interested in making his films.

      I demand a Gilliam-directed Last Call.

      EDIT to add: Actually, it is Powers-penned: take a peek.

      Edited at 2009-09-12 09:19 am (UTC)
    • (no subject) -
      • That doesn't really say the movie is Powers-written, just that he's assigning some of the rights. So they could be using the book, or just the name/some plot ideas (the Fountain of Youth.)
        • Yeah- it's not 'they're using Powers' novel' per se- but it's definitely 'they're using some portion of it'.
          Hey, I don't care: it's more a question of whether or not Shakespeare gonna get paid, and whether or not someone else will go 'wait- where'd you get these neat ideas? ooooh- how come there aren't any OTHER movies bounced off his thoughts?'
  • The Powers list on Yahoo is all a-buzz about this. Someone says they talked to Powers:

    Hoozah! I had the good fortune to meet and chat with Mr Powers earlier this year at a sci-fi convention in England, and he told me then that Disney had contacted him about optioning the rights to his book for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie (as they should seeing as they stole most of his ideas for the first movie!).

    He told me that he had informed Disney he had two conditions before signing his book over ... 1) that his wife and he would have dinner with Johnny Depp as part of the deal and 2) that Tim and his wife got to appear in the movie as extras! Ready for your close-up, Mr Powers?
    • Didn't know you were on there too!

      I considered quoting that, but decided I'd just stick to my own speculations. Besides, there is a LOT of amiable leg-pulling on that list. ;)
  • I demand Last Call goodness. I'm not 100% sure it needs to be directed by Gilliam, though. I almost want to see Dave McKean take a crack at this (Mirrormask).
    • I've seen Mirrormask.

      McKean must not come near the director of this film
      , lest the infection spread.
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