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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I'm sure you all care about my eyeglasses so I will talk about them some more.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I'm sure you all care about my eyeglasses so I will talk about them some more.

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other selfportrait
So I went and got new glasses. My prescription, surprisingly? unchanged in 5 years. *beam*
So I'm getting these:

Yes, they do not appear to have rims. That is because there are not rims around the lenses. Because of the fun involved in making holes in lenses and then sticking screws through the holes, they should be ready Friday or Saturday. Nope, I didn't go to Lenscrafters. seismic recommended a place on O'Farrell: Glitter Optics.
Fairly good prices (not quite as good as Lenscrafters); TERRIFIC selection, and extremely helpful. I'd forgotten what going to a private optometrist's was like.
  • Very nice! Oakley, right?
    • Yeah. I figured I'd get something nice instead of buying el cheapos. I mean, these things have to sit on my face every day- I'm too blind w/o them to function!
      • I hear ya! I have two pairs of glasses--can't see a thing without them! Now, I match my glasses to my outfits. That's what happens when you've worked in the eyecare industry!
        • Heheheh. At some point in the future, I'll likely get the same frames in the black as well, so that I can mix-and-match a bit better.

          In other news, I was astonished to get upgraded to 1.70 index lenses. I didn't even know they MADE such things!

          Edited at 2009-09-09 12:26 am (UTC)
          • Yeah, those are high index lenses, which are optimal for rimless frames! :)
            • Yeah: that high didn't exist, back when I last bought a pair!
              Maybe these glasses will also last 5 years...
  • Private Optometrists are nice; I go to Eye Q in Noe Valley, which fortunately participates in my employer's Vision Plan ... but not my husband's, and that ain't cheap. But! They have an excellent selection of frames and last time round I got frames by LaFont and I <3 them.

    My experience with rimless glasses was less than optimal, and I have a coworker who also had this problem: eventually the holes drilled for the screws to hold the frames on start to craze. Cracks started radiating out from where the frames attached. Not too big a deal on the sides but I found this completely irritating to my field of vision around the nosepiece. These are nice frames - I hope you don't have the same trouble!
    • Hopefully I won't have that experience! That sounds thoroughly frustrating.
  • (no subject) -
  • I got Converse frames but the label fell off :(

    Still, the O doesn't look like IT will fall off, and the arms look nicer up close - I was a bit 'eh' about the frames in the small pic you linked to.

    Also my phone IM hates me, sry.


    I have had rimless glasses before. They break if you so much as look at them funny. You breath wrong? BREAK. The sun's too bright? BREAK. It's a full moon? BREAK. A possum in Brazil has the hiccoughs? BREAK.

    *more predictions of doom and gloom*
    • Oh Darn it!
      I wish I'd asked for advice before this post, you know?
      • I blame brain fart. See, I'm totally against glasses without rims because they're aewful but didn't think you were considering this

        Because I think of them as glasses without FRAMES. Because I is special. And when you said rimless it didn't click and then I saw a picture and trhought AW hell.

        TBH though, my rimless glasses were also hella spindly. But they lasted a week. A weeeeeek!
        • Jaysus, just a week??? That'd definitely suck.

          However, these have a 1-month return policy attached, so I think I'm safe. :)
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