I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

And Friday wasn't much better.

So office was sweltering. LA was sweltering. What is this humidity and 97-degree-fahrenheit shit about? Bah.
Looks like they got the fires contained, which is good.
Didn't have time in LA to get new glasses. So I got on the plane wearing the sunglasses.
They are very dark sunglasses- as in, in full daylight it can be challenging to even see the shadow my brow casts.
Got on plane, got off plane, got on mass transit, got off mass transit. All in a pair of sunglasses that- as one of my coworkers put it- 'make you look like you're an Agent from The Matrix'. All I can think of is Corey Fucking Hart, on the way home. Dammit.
Got home, found the spare glasses. My prescription doesn't actually seem to have changed at all much over the last 7 years- that's nice!
Tomorrow's agenda: set up wireless router for housemate, since his mom gave him one for his birthday. Go to Lenscrafters, get an exam and pick out a pair of frames, as the prescription on these is more off than I'd be comfortable driving with.

But I can at least read the goddamned screen- which I need to be about 2" away from it to do, without glasses on.

This is a follow up to this morning's post about how yesterday night sucked, which is here. I am definitely curious what people I know who are familiar with my face might suggest. Do keep in mind that I am currently wearing a goatee, as I found two lovely silver streaks at the chin.

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