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So obviously, I should ask you guys this (of local interest)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So obviously, I should ask you guys this (of local interest)

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fog and bridge
lyricagent is going to be in San Francisco late September- 24th through the 30th- and would like to take in the King Tut exhibit. I know several of you who live 'round here also want to see this, and some at least had expressed a desire to do so with lyricagent. Given that advance booking is preferable from what I've seen on the De Young's website, I figured we should try to pin down when the hell to do it. So, Gentle Readers, do you have any preferences on what dates we go, to make your joining us easier?

Why LOOKIE THERE, it's a handy-dandy poll!

Poll #1451068 When are we going to the De Young to see King Tut stuff?

When's good for you?

  • I have been extremely excited about that prospect since I saw the adverts around town. Since my weekends are Thursdays and Fridays (at least in September) those days work best for me.

    And one way or another, the three of us should have a drink.

    • Good to know in re: your schedule!
      We're talking about a visit to Trad'r Sam, since lyricagent loved the going away party we had there. I'll keep folks posted.
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