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So obviously, I should ask you guys this (of local interest)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So obviously, I should ask you guys this (of local interest)

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fog and bridge
lyricagent is going to be in San Francisco late September- 24th through the 30th- and would like to take in the King Tut exhibit. I know several of you who live 'round here also want to see this, and some at least had expressed a desire to do so with lyricagent. Given that advance booking is preferable from what I've seen on the De Young's website, I figured we should try to pin down when the hell to do it. So, Gentle Readers, do you have any preferences on what dates we go, to make your joining us easier?

Why LOOKIE THERE, it's a handy-dandy poll!

Poll #1451068 When are we going to the De Young to see King Tut stuff?

When's good for you?

  • Normally I'd be all over this, but it's too close to baby time to think I'll want to be walking around a museum. I really have to get over there sooner, though. :)
    • Ah true.
      And you should! If memory serves, though, the exhibit's there through November, so you might be able to do it post-baby.

      Check their website for specific ending time on the exhibition.
      • I have this vivid memory of being crushingly disappointed that my mom wouldn't wait in the line for Tut when it was at the National Gallery in the 70s...

        Of course, she saw all the stuff later during work-related trips in the Middle East...
        • I actually went to the prior Tut exhibit in SF, nigh upon these 21 years ago.

          Good god, if my memory of that event was a person, he or she could buy me a drink.
  • Is this the same Tut exhibit that has been in Atlanta and Dallas? I will own up to being a big Egytology snob, and well... if I were grading an exhibit as though I were back in grad school? It was kind of D+. Yes, this is much cheaper than going to Egypt and to the British Museum, etc., but if I had ever written artifact summary tags like what they had, I would have been in much trouble. Some of the artifacts are New Kingdom pieces, but not necessarily related to Tut, and may even have questionable provenance. Sorry, I will shut up now!
    • I believe it's the same exhibit, yes. And don't shush- that's actually good to know! I've got something to hunt for, since I saw the Tut stuff in '78 at the same museum (though since levelled and rebuilt) as I'll be seeing it at in '09.
    • Also, I would love to read an in-depth criticism of the exhibit from your PoV. So would lyricagent. ;)
      • We went last December, so I'm hoping I remember everything! We had VIP passes through Emory, which let you arrive without a reservation and skip to the head of the line. If you don't like crowds, going the VIP route is recommended. There may be a local museum that will give them to you if you join that museum for a certain level. For Emory, it was only $150 for a dual membership, and we got all the VIP junk for free.

        Possibly the most deceptive thing about this exhibition is that it's billed as Tutankhamun's treasures, but most of the artifacts on display are New Kingdom/18th Dynasty but not necessarily associated with Tutankhamun directly. I think if they'd been more clear about that, it would've been a better show. Also, most of the tags/writeups for each piece lack provenance, which drove me crazy. It's a bit like saying something is "American," but you don't know if it was made in California, or Michigan, or New York, etc. Also, this exhibit is more about Egyptian art history than it is an archaeological history or survey.

        The exhibit does do a good job of having representative pieces that reflect the style of the 18th Dynasty though, but most people are going to flock to the sections that have the OMFG!!!11!1111 GOLD!!!11!! Avoid the gold, at least in my opinion, because that has the highest likelihood of being a fraud, and well, it's boring.

        If you want a good book on Egyptian art before you go, and not especially expensive, I would recommend either Cyril Aldred's Egyptian Art or Gay Robin's The Art of Ancient Egypt. Gay's book (I had her for Egyptology in grad school, LMAO) does have a lot of good plans, diagrams, and pictures, and is a good coffee table book as well.

        As I think of more stuff I'll let you know! We are supposed to go to Egypt next year as a family vacation, and seeing as I haven't been to Egypt in 21 years and grad school was over 10 years ago, I am having to reread a bunch of stuff!
        • OMG, exactly - too tired to remember the word for "provenance", so didn't say so in last coment, but did feel as if half of tghe xhibits might have come from ancient Australia for all we were told anything sensible about it. Made me want to slap a giant "Needs citation" on the entire exhibit.

          I went home and read "Motel of the Mysteries" afterward; that book was far better sourced, and it's a parody! (By David Macaulay, of the Pyramid architectural books etc.) if you haven't seen it, I most highly recommend; it's fun even for kids, but folks with Egyptology knowledge may hurt themselves laughing at it. (Best Howard Carter sendup I've ever seen.)
          • Exactly! It was a lot like a museum exhibition promoted by a concert company. I was kind of waiting for Bret Michael's Pyramid of Love to appear or something, LMAO!

            That book is a classic and well-loved in archaeology! And so true to boot!
    • This actually jibes with my less-educated viewing quite well. Although half those damn tags were so small or poorly lit that I didn't bother reading after a while, but damn, that was some shoddy museum-work.
      • Yes! Some of them were almost like, "This wooden artifact is made from wood, which comes from trees." No wai!
  • I have been extremely excited about that prospect since I saw the adverts around town. Since my weekends are Thursdays and Fridays (at least in September) those days work best for me.

    And one way or another, the three of us should have a drink.

    • Good to know in re: your schedule!
      We're talking about a visit to Trad'r Sam, since lyricagent loved the going away party we had there. I'll keep folks posted.
  • (no subject) -
    • I'll pass that on!
    • feyandstrange and I went with her folks while they were in town. 1:00 pm showing on a Wednesday. It was pretty crowded. I can't imagine it would ever be any less crowded than when we went, so you may want to give this one a pass.
  • The cost is a bit prohibitive for us right now, so sagahar and I are going to have to give this a pass. (I just wanted to let you know so you didn't think I missed this post.)
  • I cannot possibly schedule for this, but would be willing to go again with such good people - and I have a membership and can get slightly cheaper ticketses.
  • I really want to go see this. I totally remember seeing it in SF as a kid. Just about any day works for me given my lack of employment.
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