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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

So yes, I make up my own reality

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

So yes, I make up my own reality

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freak sale
[09:58] ajpursell: Seriously
[09:58] ajpursell: There's a Highlander 2
[09:58] colubra: Technically, I don't believe in any of the sequels.
[09:59] colubra: should've just been the one movie. No TV series, no sequels.
[09:59] ajpursell: But there was
[10:00] colubra: The world is a better place if one simply pretends such things, like sodomy in the British navy, simply don't exist.
[10:00] ajpursell: Sure man, denial is fine
[10:00] ajpursell: to a point
[10:02] colubra: Oh true.
[10:02] ajpursell: But they're all available on Amazon
[10:02] colubra: In my world, Kevin Federline never did an album- which is ALSO available on Amazon, I am given to understand.
[10:02] colubra: I still say my world's better.
  • k-fed went to my middle school (but years after i did)

    am i surprised that a talentless hack like k-fed is from fresno, ca? not one bit.

    • ...god, I'd completely forgotten that factoid, though I remember stumbling over it within the last couple years and going '...I bet he has some relationship to Ugg'.
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