I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

(of local interest specifically) I grow old, I grow old...

...so clearly it's time to get some ink put under my skin before I'm that 39-year-old going under the needle for the first time.

I'm looking for a talented tattooist who could squeeze me in on short notice, since I'll be that 39-year-old in slightly over a month. It's a pretty simple tattoo that I want: the middle english character named Thorn. Thorn is pronounced 'th': the th in 'with' rather than the aspirated th in 'these'- the aspirated th sound is called eth in Icelandic, which is one of the few places it still persists. It's the last letter to fall out of the English language.

There are a few ways to write, it, though!

In Old and Middle English, it's written (in lower case)
In Early Modern English, something that looks rather like a y:

And in another Old English rendition, something that looks a lot like the modern Icelandic, but with a cross:

The third also has a secondary meaning: it was used as a short-hand notation for 'that', back when people still spoke Middle English.

I'm leaning towards pretty much decided on the third option.

Anyways, anybody know a tattooist who's pretty good with getting a walk-in out the door within a week? I'm honestly planning about that size, too- don't need a HUGE letter somewhere on me.
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