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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

and now, a longer and more thoughtful post

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

and now, a longer and more thoughtful post

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right., er
So I've been listening a lot to Patrick Wolf's newest album and there's one tune on it that just seems to have snagged on my brainmeats- something that just keeps rolling around back there.

Awake, yon minister
There is a message to be delivered
Awake young passenger
Awake your country

You're going to need to find some strength now
To wake up!

In this war without an end
What peace do you defend?
In this war without an end
What peace do you depend on?

I dare you:
Log off
Sign out
Delete your friends
Start to count

Count of casual
Count of casualty
Count of casual
Count of casualty

Wake up!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Ten thousand human lives

So what this song seems to be about, to me, is: 'isn't it really time you started to re-examine how you're dealing with people', perhaps especially in the realm of computerized communication. I especially like the lines 'in this war without an end/ what peace do you defend?': there seem to be so many (and yes, I'll include myself, here) who turn online interaction into an unending chain of confrontation and argument about the same issues, over and over and over again. Some of you may have seen me do this- some of you may know people who do this. Hopefully I've been doing less of it over the last couple of years- I've certainly been trying to.

So, folks: isn't it time to find the strength to wake up and get our heads out of our asses? Time to stop fighting an endless and pointless war of attrition? I can't see it as better to keep lopping off heads until we've cut off so many people that we're infallibly right- and utterly alone?

Perhaps some of you reading this will think I'm talking about you- naw, almost anyone who I am specifically talking about has already decided I was the Next Appropriate Target of Wrath and gone off to an extent that I finally told them to get the fuck out and stop wasting my valuable webcomic-reading time. This isn't me subtly commenting on anybody who's on my friendslist: the only person I'm specifically thinking of who might be reading this? Is myself.

So: your thoughts? Commentary? Jello?
  • I'm keeping my jello to myself.

      There was a Malk in the local LARP, long long ago, who murdered someone else's ghoul by smothering him to death with said dessert and then carving into his chest "THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR JELL-O".
      I found this magnificently horrid.
  • I have a fairly long-standing policy of Trying to Control My Damn Temper. It's a project which has taken a setback thanks to illness; there's nothing like being in pain or feeling unwell to make one even more cranky and lower one's self-control. Realizing that some people's anger comes from pain and has nothing to do with the rest of the world has also sometimes been helpful.

    I am trying to catch more flies with honey or at least flypaper, and I am trying to learn to walk away from Someone is Wrong on the Internet. Few things frustrate me more than blowhards who come to argue, not to listen - and I don't want to turn into one myself.

    I am getting a little better about walking away or not going There in the first place. I have no idea how to go There and bring peaceful enlightenment; I have always been a lousy debater. But I can at last try not to make it worse.

    I had a metaphorical jar in which I was going to place money every time I got into one of those tarbaby arguments, said money to go to supporting the cause of whatever I am arguing about (e.g. if I get in an argument with some jerk who doesn't think queers should have legal rights, send the cash to Lambda Legal). Lack of income has made me cancel that plan, but if I worked harder at it I suppose I could try to find ways other than money of achieving that goal.
  • Indirectly dealing with shit like this right now. O boy.

    And yes, I'm guilty as well. Internets are so safe, in some ways, for good and bad.
    • I suspect everybody's guilty of it from time to time, frankly. Though I tend to avoid the war without an end aspect: when I start noticing myself doing it, I tend- anymore- to shelve the vendetta and the conviction that Someone Is Wrong On The Internet, and just go on with my life. People can be wrong, but I don't have to give a darn if they're not doing it in my face.

      Sorry you have shit like this to deal with, even indirectly: it's unpleasant, and it's difficult to find a coherent response to. :(
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