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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Heh heh heee.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Heh heh heee.

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mucha mosaic
MUSH blathering: it's lj-cut in case you honestly have no interest whatsoever. No point spewing all this into someone's lap.

So I made a throwaway alt on an HP place. Just for shits and giggles, as it were (I know the player of one of their features, it seemed worth a go). I've been having a ball.
My character is cursed- he's congenitally clumsy, basically. That's what the curse does. So he comes off as this bumbling nincompoop-- and he's also sort of easily flustered. Somehow, I have managed to parlay this into social engineering on a grand scale: I've gotten three other people doing my dirty work for me on each other, because they all think the other two are being horrible to me. I am giggling like a mad thing- they all think he's so stupid! It's fantastically humorous.
  • Harry Potter RP can be hilarious. :)

    I should know. I /run/ a Harry Potter mush. Granted, a rather small one, but we like it.

    I've found I prefer it to WoD, because, a) no stats (what're you gonna dicksize over? My wand has /phoenix feathers/ and yours just has unicorn hair?) b) the RP so far has been MUCH more definitely high quality and c) the worst I have to worry about is fangirls. Who I can make fun of if I want to. Or the occasional illiterate which I'd run into on WoD /anyway/.

    *grin* But then, you might've guessed I'm a HP fan, considering...
    • ...and which one are you running, then?
      • ASiT, aka A Snitch in Time. I'm Shadowfey on there as well (the LJ preceded the mush, albeit not by much; I just felt lazy and didn't feel like coming up with a cutesy staff name when we opened the bloody place).

        Feel free to pop on and say hi sometime. We've got a LJ community and website as well, so we're -really- easy to find. asit.riverdark.net 6543 is the addy.
    • HP > WoD: A Rant

      And, as I told colubra when he first brought up this HP MUSH:

      HP, fundamentally, is in a brighter world where you know, in the end, the Young Hero will defeat the Great Evil. Maybe not with sunshine and puppies for everyone, but the side of the angels will definitely triumph in the end.

      In WoD, not only do you not have that, you have the opposite of that. All the myths of all the supers explain in excruciating detail that the world will end poorly, that the light will fumble, falter... and fail. Only Changeling bothered to have any glimmer of hope set against that darkness, which may be one of the reasons it never quite got its due -- but for the rest? Fleeting shadows and crumbling ash -- no matter how much we all strive against the dying of the light, no matter how many candles we attempt to light nor how eloquently we curse the darkness...

      It will all come to naught: the Antediluvians will rise, the Wyrm will conquer, the Technocracy will assert its dominance over the paradigm, the Endless Winter will cover all the lands in a grey, numbing shroud of banality, and I'm sure there's something equally depressing in store for Wraith, but I never read anything to do with that system.

      And when we all had money and jobs and luck and love, a little memento mori was useful. Now that the jobs have gone, the money's dried up, and love is stressed, fuck yeah I want bright magic, I want spells that all boil down to a word of two of dog Latin. I want the world to be bright and new and full of wonder and yes there is danger and death and darkness, and I accept those and bless those as well. Amen, bring it on, and where's my cloak and broomstick?

      In Harry Potter, in the end, where will be light.

      In the World of Darkness, well... the name rather says it, no?

      -- Lorrie
      • Re: HP > WoD: A Rant

        Actually, good doesn't always triumph over evil. For me, at least, I like HP because there isn't the competitiveness endemic to WoD, on an OOC level at least; the players tend to work together more to build a story, rather than trying to 'win', be it through who's the highest generation or has the most hit points or whatever.

        Of course, for darkness, I prefer Shadowrun to WoD anyway, so YMMV.
        • (no subject) -
          • Re: HP > WoD: A Rant

            Allow me to rephrase. The part of writing posts at too bloody late at night which doesn't work so well is that I meander without explaining my point very well.

            Wait, I do that anyway. Onwards, then!

            The theory of a final happy ending is not why I play Harry Potter, nor is it, specifically, what attracts me. I do, however, like humour, and I like it in my RP as much as my darkness.

            WoD, in my experience, occasionally allows for humour in RP, but there's often a sort of responding attitude of 'you're an idiot for doing something we can all laugh at you for', and it's just OOCly not as much -fun-. OOC, whether you think Harry'll win or lose, the pressure is just off, I guess.

            Plus, it really just -is- that much funnier. Mutter code is much funnier when it's a scene where a fifteen year old girl accidentally wipes out half a Quidditch team practicing when her mutter to another girl turns up as '...Everybody knows Ron is in love with you!'

            You just can't -get- that in WoD.
  • Mmm..PotterMushiness

    This suddenly tempts me so.....


    then again...my webchat site has a Harry room..and well..um..yeah.

    The OOC stuff is sometimes funnier than the IC..

    -the Lucius Malfoy Understudy...
  • Ok, I admit it, I'm a recent convert to HP mushes. shadowfey's mush, to be precise. But I have to say that, with very few exceptions, I'm so wildly pleased over the quality of RP and players that I gave up all but one of my WoD mushes. The plots have been wonderful, the OOC stuff hilarious, and I freaked for the first few weeks, everyone was so /nice/ that I didn't know how to handle it. It was a nice change.

    Plus, there's darkness going on that no one has any idea of. Heh.
    • indeed! I got dragged to one by a friend who I occasionally RPed with-- and we still only occasionally RP but I can have RP at any time, which doesn't A) offend my sense of human intelligence, B) devolve into a stupid combat scenario, C) ...
      Anyways. Changing genres has done a lot of good by me, too: I no longer am convinced that MUSHing is really stupid, which is a point I was at after a lot of crazy OOC nonsense, on a place where we used to play together in the past. Still people from there I'd rather not RP with again in my life- but I am willing to believe there are people out there who aren't eeeeevil incarnate.
      • Actually, ASiT restored my faith in mushing, too, I was starting to get to the point where I wondered why I bothered. I don't wonder anymore.
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