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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Things LA does not do well, this trip

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Things LA does not do well, this trip

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-be reasonably arid.
-be possessed of a public transit system with any dynamism. or intelligent layout: Burbank airport -> Union Station -> Hollywood? in over 45 minutes, with trains once every hour for the Burbank->Union segment?

-have a degree of quietude.
-surprisingly, have any appealing eyecandy out at noon.
  • come visit me!
    • Where're you at? I'm staying in Hollywood, and haven't a car. ;)
      • i live & work in hollywood. :)

        you should enjoy my store - soap plant / wacko - 4633 hollywood blvd. you cannot miss it! brightly painted building on the corner with a giant neon sign that reads wacko! i am here today & tomorrow until 5.

        tomorrow we are having a book signing for jonathan shaw - beverages will be served. :)
        • So I'm down pretty much every other week: working @ hollywood & cauhenga; sleeping nr. HOllywood & Highland.

          I'm all tangled up this evening, heading home on fri night-- but I'll definitely keep you posted as to when I'm going to be in LA!

          (And for some reason I had San Diego in mind as where you lived. Bzuh?)
  • Come to Vancouver!

    It is disgustingly arid just now.
    I'm afraid that I can't speak highly of Translink, but it does get me places.
    It is currently reasonably quiet.
    This is not your sort of eye candy, but I followed a stunningly attractive young woman this afternoon for three blissful blocks as I walked to my bank and she walked to the beach, wearing almost nothing but a very well-done tattoo up her spine.


    Anyway, my neighbourhood is full of your kind of cutie. :)
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