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karjack pointed out that it's blogging-against-racism week.…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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karjack pointed out that it's blogging-against-racism week.

What am I going to say here?
I'll say that I'm a person who finds the concept of racism repugnant, but also finds himself spewing bullshit that is obviously racist, from a neutral perspective.
I'll say that I'm someone who wishes he was capable of divorcing the native racism of the white male viewpoint of greater society from his own perspective.

I'll say that really, there's way the fuck too much racism out there, and y'all ought to stop it.

I'll say that everyone out there who's not a white male asshole should tell me if I've said something that offended, and why it offended- I want to be smarter about this.
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    • That's a terrific anecdote- one can see the white privilege in it and yet grasp that you and the gent involved both were able to see past it.
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        • ...rereading, OK, yes. I can see that YOU got you were working from white privilege, and moved past that rather a lot.

          I'm not sure what the gent in question decided.
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            • We'll save this for a face to face sometime.
              Sorry I still wasn't getting your point- and I look forward to talking it over!
  • to go all focault on yer ass...

    I dislike racism, obvs, and privilege and assumptions.

    But aren't all discourses entrenched in power dynamics? I mean...it's not possible to have a perfectly equal interaction, is it? Someone will ALWAYS have the power.
    • Re: to go all focault on yer ass...

      Power hierarchies are one aspect of mammalian social behavior. They do not constitute the whole of it, and even if they did, so what? Humans are mammals, but not only mammals.

      Is there more to respect than the simple decision to neither dominate nor be dominated?
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