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London Postscript:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

London Postscript:

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angel maida vale (by LJuser biichan)
So the Day of Much Rain (in which London received so much rain that the Circle & District tube line was flooded out and stopped for several hours- more rain than the average monthly rainfall for summer) was also the Day of Much Walking. Looking over the route using Google Maps, I find that I did, in fact, pull an a-la-redshrike DeathMarch of London: just shy of 7 miles. Lots of stops en route, mind, but still- about 7 miles of tromping about. Probably more, given things like walking the perimeter and then into St. Paul's, walking around the Globe, the Monument, the Tower.
Route's mapped out @ google maps, click through the link for the 'larger map'.

View Larger Map

Some commentary on this map:
Walked from Mansion House tube over to St. Paul's because I'm an idiot. Then over the millennium bridge (do NOT do this in the middle of a rainstorm: I thought the umbrella was going to pull me off the bridge), over to the Shakespeare's Globe resurrection. Stood about in the yard there for a while, watching tech rehearsals for Troilus & Cressida, then souvenir shopping.
From the Globe thought I'd walk to Waterloo station for the tube, since Waterloo Sunset came up on my iPod. This was ill-thought-out, as I got lost in a maze of twisty Southwark streets, all alike. Hiked north to head to Hungerford Bridge, missed my directions there and crossed at Blackfriars instead. Marched along the Embankment for a bit, then up to Fleet Street, marched the whole damn thing looking for a meat pie (no dice!). Down to 111 Cannon street for the London Stone, which is in the middle of a construction site.

Out to the Tower, as the rain finally let up- hiked around there for a bit, then marched back towards the Monument as I wanted some nighttime photos of it. Wound up killing time until greyness in a pub that had delightful minibrews, which was named the Walrus & the Carpenter (and their menu didn't seem to feature oysters, what the butt!).

I'm proud of myself for managing THIS BIG of a hike, frankly.

In other news, I hung the Banksy knockoff (roughly this image) in the livingroom today, and heard from the new housemate that he absolutely adored it. For those of you who know my flat well, it's on the pilaster middle of the wall that the livingroom shares with the kitchen, and is roughly an A4 sheet of paper's size.
  • That is quite a hike - bravo!

    And wow, that's a lot of rain. I vaguely recall the Circle Line getting a bit damp the year we had a hurricane, but not that bad.

    And I used to put Waterloo Sunset on my Walkman and go down there. Sigh.
    • More than you probably care about.

      T'was a very dramatic amount of rain: the C&D were closed for a few HOURS, right at peak commute time. I'm sure nobody who had to get home was loving it: me, I was humming a certain Madness tune while I wandered around ('The sun and the rain/ Walk with me, fill my heart again/ I hear the rain falling in my ears/ washing away the weariness like tears'). Really, it was an amusingly good companion for this wandering.

      I had Bowie's version of 'Waterloo Sunset' on my London playlist, and it came up as I was wandering out of the Globe. The first time I went to the Globe, lunaticsx took meliny, lemasquegris, chicafangs and I out @ Waterloo, through Southwark, and over to the Globe. So, it kind of felt appropriate to try getting over there.

      Though I did wind up at the location where John Barrowman posed in drag for a photoshoot promoting his forthcoming appearance in La Cage Aux Folles, so I feel it wasn't a total waste.

      Edited at 2009-07-20 05:18 am (UTC)
  • Very respectable indeed.

    I used to work just south and west of Blackfriars Bridge (just behind Sea Containers House) and took the Thameslink to Blackfriars every day. Crossing that bridge, with morning London sprawled out all around me, was always the highlight of the workday.
    • Respectable, imho, was that I didn't break out the Ay to Zed once, the whole trek.

      Though if I had, I might've made it to Waterloo Station... I just decided the 'I'm that well-versed' was worth missing that stop on the tour.
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