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watch repair in SF?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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watch repair in SF?

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count only sunny hours
So I'm looking for a place to repair my skeleton mechanical wristwatch that someone snapped the crown on.
Its a pretty simple repair-- but it's a $400 dollar watch, so I rather want it done right.

  • Andy Jewelers in West Portal has been my family's watch/jewelry repair place forever
    • Thanks for the recc: I'll try to get out there Sat with the watch in question.
      It's probably pretty cheap of a repair: I just want it done right.
  • There is a shop in West Portal that my family has been taking stuff too for years and they are wonderful. Tibors Fine Jewelry, 29 W Portal Ave(between Claremont Blvd & Portola Dr)San Francisco, CA 94127, (415) 731-7010.
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