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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Greater London the 11th, Britain the 14th

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Greater London the 11th, Britain the 14th

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The Unspeakable Car
Driving through Dulwich, made the following observation:

'I see people in the field, playing cricket. I can tell because they're all in white and standing about doing absolutely nothing'.

Off to Banksy vs. the Bristol Museum.
  • WOO, yeah, visit the HELL out of that country! ;)

    (I have no idea what I'm saying, I should be in bed...)

    But! If I recall your love of Scotch correctly, you might ask the lovely expat nanila, since I recall a photo of her somewhere in England staring hypnotized at a bottle of some kind of single malt. ;)
    • I've only briefly dipped into Scotch country, and my host fears the Scotch, so I didn't actually... have anything interesting.
      Ah well, I know what I'm buying Duty-Free on the way out the airport.
  • I love how you travel, man. You are hitting all the high points.
    • Thanks! Some of this is me knowing London better than some relatives. I can skip the 'must-do' stuff and go to just the 'want-to-do' stuff.

      BTW: if you're going to be in the UK, Banksy's exhibit's at the Bristol Museum until the end of September.
  • Also, I keep misreading this as "Dunwich", and am now picturing the Dunwich Horror Cricket Side, which distresses me and makes e giggle. (Know how regular cricket bowlers always look a bit odd because of the red streaks on their crotch? I think their ball always comes off greenish no matter what they try.)
    • Pitches and wickets and creases - dire stories of Paul Collingwood and the Twenty - may reproduce themselves in the brain of the avid cricketer - but they were there before. They are transcripts, types - the archtypes are in us, and eternal.
      • *gurgles distressingly from laughing too hard*

        I was trying to come up with something in which the cricket game was in fact an ancestral memory of a summoning spell, but you win.

  • You've hit on the main difference between England and Australia. Here you'd see people in a field wearing white with beers in their hands standing about doing absolutely nothing but drinking.
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