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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Edinburgh part 2

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Edinburgh part 2

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Lucille winking
Yesterday, had the wonderful experience of meeting doroc_sabah's mum. She's terrifically funny, very sweet, and loved her 'out, damned spot!' tea towel (done a la Ralph Steadman).

Then we had dinner, at the end of which SHE insisted we had to pay up and get out because Torchwood was about to start. This says a lot about his mum, huh.

Thus back to theirs for the show, and then doroc_sabah and I did a bit of a pub crawl. Brits really do drink to an extent that I have to try to keep up with.

THen out of bed in the morning, a bit of coffee and a slice of shortbread for breakfast, out on the town, through Edinburgh Uni, to a sushi shop, around the royal mile, got lyricagent the worst souvenir ever (this is a bit of a competition with lyricagent's friends, I think I've won).
  • So, how is the sushi in Edinburgh, anyway? (I realize you only have one data point. But it's more than I've got.)
    • It was rather wel-prepared- and curious -tasting. I do believe I'm used to different diets in my salmon, for instance. Also, the halibut was far more palatable to me.
  • We demand pictures of the worst souvenir ever. :)
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