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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Sixth London update- lightning, frightening, frightening

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Sixth London update- lightning, frightening, frightening

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gothic alley
Many things were not found today. Among them were:
-dry weather (it poured!!!)
-the London Stone (wiki it): they are putting up offices around it, so I STILL haven't touched the blessed thing
-a block on Fleet Street that didn't seem in a rush
-a meatpie on any block of Fleet

Other things were found, including:
-a couple Shakespeare-themed gifts
-a nice panorama of the Thames from the Millennium Bridge
-a crowded noisy Irish pub, with delicious Guinnessy goodness
-the fact I can walk miles without whinging, of late

Am waiting on my meatpie now, down Cannon a bit from Fleet, and watching lightning out the window.
  • Edit this in when I'm not on the Blackberry (oh, found a T-Mobile store as well, and enabled international permissions for my phone):
    While my server is cute, and rather an affable bloke, I doubt that he is, in fact, named Maggie, as the receipt says.
    • You were on Fleet St, looking for lunch, and you didn't hit the Cheshire Cheese?

      *entire worlds of boggle*
  • (no subject) -
    • Weird.
      I bet your phone hasn't the international prefix on my #: I didn't have it on ex-housemate's #. I don't actually remember the US prefix, which is what my cell # would need.

      And it was lovely hearing your voice! See you on thurs!
  • Darn you, now I want a meat pie. Or worse, a Cornish pasty.

  • I knew the minute Wimbledon was over it would rain! Knew it!! ;)
  • Oooo! No meat pies on fleet street! The heartbreak! I love that you actually went to look. It's like something i would do.

    When I was a kid, we used to call my mom's meat pies Sweeney Todd pies and my dad and I used to sing the old music hall song on car trips.

    Are you planning to buy a plague rat at the Tower?
    • I figured if I could find a shop with meat pies it'd be a good souvenir-experience, much as a muffin from a shop on Drury Lane would've been a good one (neither of these happened, oddly. I'd think that a shop named 'The Muffin Man' on Drury Lane would be a no-brainer!).

      I'm not planning on hitting the Tower again, honestly: I don't have time. :/
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