I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Fifth london update: brief

So today's poking around on the intertubes, having killed season 2 of Dexter, revealed that oh yeah, Bowie's South London residence was in a now-demolished building named Haddon Hall, in the same Southern suburb I'm staying in.

A little more poking around revealed a street address, which was plugged into Google Maps and well... if Haddon Hall still stood, then their back garden? would abut onto the back garden of the house I'm staying in.

I find this an hysterically funny coincidence, for reasons which only people who grasp what a Bowie freak I am could understand. Because I didn't plan this, and if I could have I so would have.

EDIT to add AIM log:
colubra: and there's one of the foxes from the back garden, up nosing about on the deck.


As convo with friend reminded me of the differentiations here, I figured I'd outline here what differentiates London's gay pride parade / festival from the San Francisco one.

1: everyone remains clothed below the waist.
2: they have public areas that can ACCOMODATE over 100k people.
3: the civility of the crowd is astonishing.
4: Boy George was a tiny little man, about 20' away.

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