I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

London update the fourth

So I'm sitting in the guest room writing this. After putting together furniture the night prior to last night, a bunch of Dexter was watched. Then bed.

Up, and so to the shower, breaking of fast, and then off to London Pride. This felt a heck of a lot less crowded than the SF Pride celebrations. lyricagent is smarter than me and managed to remember to bring a camera- I'll be borrowing some of the shots that were taken. Among highlights:
-the sheer politeness of various people in saying things like 'oh, you're turned about, aren't you?' and pointing me in the right direction
-discovering I'm a hell of a lot more willing to say 'I may be mistaken about where we're going: where's the ay to zed?' and only getting a block or two out of the way.
-the cheerful willingness of others to tell me where the pink-red-and-white Union Jacks were for sale
-being able to pass that info on to someone who wanted to buy the flag I'd bought for myself
-trudging around in circles upon circles through Trafalgar, Piccadilly, Charing Cross, and so on- probably 6 hours on my feet, all told
-lyricagent spotting Trevor Horn (Art of Noise, produced Yes' album 90125, the Angel Heart soundtrack, as well as Grace Jones, Pet Shop Boys' album Fundamental, among a hell of a lot of other things) on his way out of a Pizza Express
-coming home completely exhausted with two bottles of white wine we didn't even touch
-seeing Boy George performing live at a small stage about 20-30 feet away, duetting with a fabulous tranny on a sort of country song titled 'Spoiling It For the Others'. info here, as well as a listen-here link: I suspect that this would be a terrific theme song for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Today, after all that trudging around, is going to be quiet. Booked my travel for Edinburgh: I'll be there for a bit more than 24 hours, hanging out with bogboblin and his mum. This should be entertaining- and so should getting into King's Cross @ 23:30 and making my way into the South on my own.

Probably finishing off season 1 of Dexter in a bit, and maybe visiting the Croydon Forbidden Planet to pick up a copy of Final Watch, as not a single shop in the city I live in has this beast on the shelves (I called everywhere I thought might, before leaving, as I was HOPING to read it on the plane to London). Some gameplan for forthcoming week will happen, too, as the Royal Academy of Arts has a J. W. Waterhouse exhibition on and that's something I want to take in- so's the Mary Rose salvaged stuff that's in Croydon.
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