I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

London update

Since last post:
Flew 10 hours sitting next to Chatty McChatterbox von Chatterstein who finally chattered at me so much I had to point out 'you already told me this story, though I've got a different response to it, this time'.
Got off at Heathrow, and almost walked right past lyricagent, who recognized me easily (In fairness, I didn't sleep well on the flight).
Ate pizza.
Napped in the livingroom.
Watched Shoot 'Em Up.
Drank a bunch of hard cider, went to bed.
Woke up earlier than I'd hoped, went downstairs, putzed around online a while chatting with friends.
Saw one of the foxes that lyricagent mentioned seeing a while back, and spooked him into the underbrush by closing the building door.
Waited, got pics of him investigating the curious scent of barefooted human, cleaning himself, then looking at me through the window as if to say 'what do you want'.
Wrote this entry.

On today's to-do list:
- visiting the Apple store (a new power supply w/ British plug on is cheaper than the adapter kit for ALL possible other plugs- and my power supply may not slip out of it as easily as it slips out of the adaptor that I'm borrowing)
- visiting the Natural Shoe Store, to pick up a pair of the hitops made with repurposed London Underground upholstery
- seeing this strange little play nobody's ever heard of named 'Waiting for Godot', with these two odd old men in it named Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart. I do hope it's any good.

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