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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Chronology of events

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Chronology of events

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6/23: Ed McMahon dies. colubra is in San Francisco. Note: NOT in Los Angeles.
6/25: Farrah Fawcett dies, in Santa Monica. colubra is in HOLLYWOOD at the time of her passing.
Later on 6/25: Michael Jackson dies, in Beverly Hills. colubra is still in HOLLYWOOD at the time of his passing.
Still later on 6/25: A snapple dies an ignominous death from being poorly balanced atop the refrigerator. This one's colubra's fault.

colubra can supply witnesses to all of the above locales.

EDIT to add:
colubra just met Natalie Portman. She was very sweet, and seemed so very tiny.
She is also not dead.

colubra will worry on this for a while.
  • mmmmm, Natalie Portman. Nothing like a beautiful actress with a real degree from a prestigious institute of higher learning and a low Erdos number (couldn't give a flying fuck about Bacon). I think Jennifer Connelly falls into that category as well (minus the Erdos number). And I'm embarrassed to say how long I've had crushes on both of then (before each went to college), which isn't such a big deal with Connelly, as we're about the same age. Ah, but Portman, in The Professional, smoking her (implied) post coital cigarette: wrong, very very wrong, but, hot. Oh, and then my mom's 50th birthday, my sibs and I stayed a weekend at my sisters house with mom, and they forced us to watch a chick flick, Beautiful Girls, which I actually ended up liking. But at the beginning of the movie, my sister tells me, "Watch this guy getting off the bus [the main character], pay attention to him throughout the movie. He is you." OK, so I haven't had any IRL crushes on 12 year olds since I was about 13, but other than that, she was somewhat right, in many ways. Actually, her point may have been that in my preadult days, I had a long history of significantly younger girls having crushes on me.

    And on to celebrity deaths: couldn't give a flying fuck through a rolling donut hole, unless said celebrity were Portman or Connelly. Somehow missed the Michael Jackson thing for a couple days, just like Curt Kobain.

    OK, and, I'm jealous that you met Natalie Portman. More details on the meeting? Verbatim transcript? Pics? Video? Phone number?
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