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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

at this rate i need an LA icon...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

at this rate i need an LA icon...

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fog and bridge
Yesterday I arose, and so to the house of my lord Doug. To Oakland, where an acquaintance of his walked us through the CS software that his employer uses for the tracking of issues and reporting of bugs. Due to enthusiastic conversation we did miss our flight, and Doug and I did spend some hours in the airport, bemoaning this plight and drinking fine local ale. Thence to the City of Angels, where I did come first into the office in slacks and a tie and buttondown to pretend to be a urine analysis test tech, as one of my coworkers had been set up to panic. He did, so well that he did not recognize that he had been pranked at the revelation of it. Then to the CEO's office where paperwork was signed, check details worked out, then dinner, a tour of the local drinking establishments, and so to bed.
(No, I don't know why I felt I needed to document this in the voice of Samuel Pepys. Cope.)

Today's This! Is! ELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! moment:
walking down Hollywood Boulevard listening to Concrete Blonde's 'The Sky is a Poisonous Garden Tonight' on the iPod, while thinking of Lou Reed's 'Dirty Boulevard'.
Taking a moment's pause en route to kick a little bit of muck off Peter Lorre's star on the Walk Of Fame.

and now, sitting in a window seat at a cafe waiting for any of my coworkers to get in, since I don't have a key to the office. *laugh*
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    • Is there, really, any time where this is untrue?
      BTW: please tell the wife I went to the Cat & Fiddle and thought of her, last night. ;)
  • (No, I don't know why I felt I needed to document this in the voice of Samuel Pepys. Cope.)

    I kind of liked it, although I confess I did wonder what the cause was.

    Today's This! Is! [LA]! moment: walking...

    Walking? In LA? I disbelieve. Nobody walks in LA. *g*
    • That song's run through my head so much I'm going to have to get a copy.
    • I was skimming back entries on my friendslist, and I have a daily RSS feed of Pepys' diary in there. So that was probably the cause.
      • Ah, that'd probably be it. I remember when I heard about the "Pepys entries, one per day" thing; I thought it sounded super-cool, but never quite got into actually reading it.
  • Hey, I think I drove right by you this morning!

    I'm going to a movie tonight, but what are you doing tomorrow aside from work? What time are you hopping that plane northbound?
    • So I was the guy in the black shirt, grey trous, w/ the big brown laptop bag and the earbuds. You probably did: I overshot the office by a couple blocks and wound up in front of $cientology Central.

      So tomorrow after work I'm hanging around Hollywood- I have, as yet, not GOT a booked flight for greater LA->OAK, but the last flight's outta Burbank @ 8:55.

      • Whoa, that is quite an overshoot. You were up at...what, Hollywood and La Brea?

        HRRRRMMM. Perhaps, then, after I pick up Del, the three of us can meet someplace. We're usually in that neighborhood around 4:45-5:00ish.
        • OKay, I may be wrong about what's $ci Central: I was at Ivar and Hollywood.

          That could totally work! I think I threw you my cell #: if not, lemme know and I'll toss it again. ;)
    • It is now programmed into my phone. Gracias.
      • Hopefully, I can get in early and be all yours and Del's until my flight!

        Now to find an ATM, for I have a check to deposit...
    • So I was busy trying to ralph up my shoes last night, and got in lateish this AM. So, can we hang out near the office somewhere, so's I can go back to it when we split up?
      • Ralph up your shoes? Oh dear, that's silly of you.

        Yes, I was planning on it. You're at Cahuenga and what again? Because I could swing by and grab you on my way to pick up Del from work, and then we could all grab something to nibble on in WeHo or something.
        • actually @ Selma & Cosmo- a block away from Cauhenga & Selma. And that sounds workable!
          • Vunderbar. Do you feel comfortable emailing me the address so I know where to find you?
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              • Then I will see you in front of that address at about...4:30? If that's convenient for you?

                I'm in a blue Chrysler Sebring with Alaska plates. Blonde, glasses, big dorky Transformers shirt.
  • Exits to freeways twisted like knots on the fingers...jewels cleaving skin between...breasts.
    • We are all, in some way or another, going to Reseda someday, to diiiiie.
      • Gone savage for teenagers with automatic weapons and...boundless love. Gone savage for teenagers who are aesthetically pleasing, in other words, fly.
  • Ah, that was Pepys! I associate it with 'big standard historical' voice: ye olde speechifying.

    but generally: yay!

    get a fricking KEY.
  • First day as urinalysis tech FTW.

    Re above comments: I have a punk cover of 'Walking in LA' if you'd like it.
  • You really should send me your cell number. I'm gonna be in So Cal Friday through Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday each look like potential travel days at this point. Developing...
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