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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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I'm thinking aceofkittens, marlynator, cheezdanish and chiabrit- though there may be others of you I forget are in LA.
So I'm going to be in Hollywood, 5 days a week, starting in a week or two.

I will keep specifics posted, as it's been too long for 3 of you, & I've never met one of you.

Also, yay job!
  • Sounds like we're going to be there around the same time, after all. We definitely need to get out for drinks. I'm trying to swing going to SF, too, but that's really a 50-50 shot.
    • Well, I'll definitely be down there in june a fair bit- and in july some too.
      Please keep me posted about your schedule- I'd love to see you!
      • Interestingly enough, I will be in Los Angeles a fair amount for the next three months starting in late June.
        • Unfortunately, in late June, I'm on vacation in London for a fortnight.

          I will be keeping folks in LA posted about my schedule for a while.
  • yaye job!

    send us photos :P
  • JOB! Yay!
  • Well hot diggity! Perfect timing, too, as I'm just about wrapped up with my Mon-Fri gig at UCS, and will thus be free on a couple of weekdays.

    Shall I shoot you my cell phone #?
  • Color me confused?
  • This is awesome! Hooray! Congrats!!! :D
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