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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

oh god, I really AM a regular

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

oh god, I really AM a regular

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bernard black
So while indulging in drink at the bar of habit this evening, I was asked if I could come back after closing time and help decorate the bar, as they're redoing it.

Yes, I'm there enough that the staff wants ME to put marks on their bar that mean something to me.
  • Re: O HAI...

    Danke! I've forwarded your suggestions to the other two travelers.

    I'm probably up for much more walking than they are and may have to do a solitary sushi run, but a lot of your suggestions sound like lovely entertainment for all three of us. (BELUGA! GONDOLA!!). It will be interesting to see just how jaded/spoiled I've become from two decades in San Francisco....
    • Re: O HAI...

      Oh good. :) Yeah, when I hit post and that huge comment appeared I thought "Ooh, okay, maybe I do know some stuff about my town." (I just moved here in August for school.)

      I should also say, you can kill half a day getting to Grouse Mountain and doing stuff unless you have a car, because you have to take the seabus from downtown and then the bus to the foot of the mountain, but the seabus is really fun and if you're in a group, long bus rides are fun rather than tedious, at least for me. The aquarium will probably take you about four hours, and the Art Gallery ditto. (I went to the Vermeer yesterday and it is splendid. They also have this awesome interior design installation that must not be missed.) I don't know how interesting Chinatown is tourist-wise, but Commercial Drive is good for a couple of hours. We have a zoo too but I haven't been yet. I think that if you sightsee at a reasonable speed for three days there will almost certainly still be lots of stuff for your next visit (and you'll want to make another one, I think, once you've been here :).

      The belugas are awesome. So awesome. The one-year-old baby likes to pose for pictures. She knows she's cute. Also, when I was walking on the seawall with a friend who's in from Toronto last week, the tide was in and we saw a seal, and my friend Daniel has seen sea otters in the water too.

      I think that, even being from SF, you will be impressed by how awesome Van is. :)
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