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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

the microfiber reflecting the macrocosm.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

the microfiber reflecting the macrocosm.

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Mongo Hate Job
So my experience of working at Microsoft can be summed up by the jacket I just tossed on to run to the corner store, which was given to me free at the office.
Summary? An ill-fitting jacket, made of crummy material, inappropriate to any vagaries of local climate: either too warm, or not warm enough. Also, it makes a hell of a lot of noise when you swing your arms, like corduroy pants when you walk with your legs close together.
Additionally, it's a color where if you don't have ancestors who said 'Roight, William the Conqueror, feck off', it looks horrible on you.

I do have nice gimmies from Microsoft, but there're only a very few of them: a lightweight windbreaker, and a nice logoed shoulderbag. This coat and the other crappy gimmies are going to Goodwill soon: someone may want an MSN Passport T-shirt: I, myself, do not.
  • I got some Post-It notes from Clan Nettobuku, saying "This is no way to run a business" at the top, and having the www.nettobuku.com URL at the bottom. Those were apparently something they'd done long before I arrived there, and they're reasonably useful. I mean... hey, Post-It notes. Useful.

    Maybe a month before I left, they decided to do something new and sort of team-building. Rugby shirts. Bold blue and white stripes.

    I tried on a test version once, in the office, to see what size would fit me. Since the actual item arrived, I haven't even taken it out of its plastic wrap. I mean, seriously... rugby? No. Just... no.
    • I got some Post-It notes from Clan Nettobuku, saying "This is no way to run a business" at the top

      Wow, talk about putting a loaded gun on the table.
      • In context, it was pretty obvious that it meant that Post-It notes were no way to run a business. At least, I thought so.

        I can show you some of the items in question the next time you come over, if it will help. really, they weren't such a mistake. (Much as I would love to say nasty things about Clan Nettobuku, this particular piece of swag was okay.)
        • I am curious about them. And yes, post-its are NOT a way to run a business.
          • It makes MUCH more sense with the context that Clan Nettobuku made software to help small companies manage their business. It was a "Use our software-service package, much better than a Post-It!" when you know that.

            But a certain amount of irony can be found in them if one had disagreements with Nettobuku's management styles (as I did sometimes).
  • I cleaned out most of my M$ shirts and put them in the "donate" pile last week when I was doing my winter/summer wardrobe switch. I'm rather fond of a few items, which I kept, but for the most part my bitterness won out.
    • Dude, I'm still in awe that it's been a year and I haven't burned them.
      • They don't burn all that well, but they make pretty good household cleaning rags. Using Passport to clean a toilet, for example, can be therapeutic. ("Ha, you POS, I made you useful for once!")
  • LOL, fascinating parallels.
  • You do NOT have anglo-saxon ancestry???
    • My British forebears are Welsh and/or Cornish: there is a distinction there, though a subtle one.
      So this jacket is powder-blue mixed with grey (actually: only a very slightly more green color than the borders in my LJ, if you take a peek).
      You have to be white as paper to look good in that color, and I am not that fair.
      • Oh, I know the distinction - for some reason I figured you looked 'mixed British' - not pasty enough to be Anglo-Saxon, not stereo-Celtic enough to be Scots or Welsh...mind, hmm. Now I'm thinking about Roman and Pictish carryovers.
        • Far as I can tell as an adoptee, the birth certificate suggests that I'm about 1/4 Mixed-brit (mostly-Welsh/Cornish, which folds in a fair bit of pre-anglo-saxons, on reflection), w/ the rest coming from the eastern Mediterranean (aka: middle eastern nations that border on the Med) & eastern Europe (Serbia, Albania, Romania, &c).
          Sooo... maybe I have some Vlad the Impaler in me! :D
  • the only shirt my job ever gave me went directly to goodwill. it fit strangely (huge shoulders, no chest, and it was a woman's shirt) and it looked like a dark lavender smock. a smock. what. just... no.
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