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grrr sigh

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grrr sigh

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thwack (by lj-user twoflower)
So what the hell, unemployment office. I botched a claim form, so you closed the claim on me, and I have to reapply for the claim to continue??
No, really?

Jerkoff assholes.
  • Yeah, it's pretty hugely fucked. Here I've been paid for all of one week out of the four I qualified for under the law, because I didn't file in time. Attempts to reach them by phone resulted in a fast busy or a recording that said "We're not answering phones right now. Look online."

    Online said "Call the office." Eventually I found a way to email them and got someone to call me a week later. That's a thousand bucks I don't have that could be really handy. Thanks loads, Texas.
  • Get a job!

    oh wait...
  • Their No Mistakes policy has always felt extremely fucked up to me. I know they're understaffed, but it seems like forcing people to re-open claims would create more work for them than returning a botched form for correction.
  • Welcome to the bankrupt state of California, where the smallest excuse is used to give people the shaft!
  • I got a notice of interview (in three weeks, mind you) last week instead of a check. Trying to get through on the phone to find out what is up is impossible of course, so apparently I just have to wait (and miss checks.)
  • good luck sorting it out.
  • This is the same state that denied me because I did not explore homelessness, which they felt was a viable option, before returning (with my mom's help) to CT. Despite telling me before I left that it wouldn't be a problem.
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