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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

So why do I love living in San Francisco?

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

So why do I love living in San Francisco?

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fog and bridge
So I was taking the bus home from joining the Partner in Alcoholism in a few pints, and noticed the guys sitting opposite me on the bus had a map out and were trying to figure something out.
I popped the headphones out of my ears. "Can I help you guys figure out where you are- or where you're going?" I say.
"Well we're going to-- oh god, I can't say it."
"I can. We're going to where the Interview with the Vampire took place."
"God I'm glad I took my headphones out. Two stops from here- I'll point it out."
"Yeah, and I have it on the author's authority, I took her out for dinner once just to say thanks for the books- right *pointing* there."
"Was she a nice dinner date?"
"She was. Kinda whacky, though. But yeah, she said it was- okay, see the building there? That one."
"Oh wow, thank you!"
"I'm just glad I took my headphones out when you guys looked a bit lostish! You'll want to get off when the bus pulls over next- have a great evening!"
  • "She got whackier."

    But yah, this is cool.
  • So, I take it this was a reference to the building at Market and Golden Gate where the titular interview takes place in the movie? Because as far as I know, the "house on Divisadero Street" is about all the detail we get in the book, and it's not really enough to place a particular abode on Divis.

    I mean, given that you mention "on the author's authority", I wouldn't put it past you to have gotten some data on the Divisadero Street location... but I wouldn't expect the tourist guys to know such things.
    • According to the author' over dinner at Phuket Thai, it was what's now the flat upstairs of the Madrone Lounge.
      • Wait, you ate at Phuket Thai with her? Is that place any good?
        • It was presentable then. However, it's been a while since then, and I've not bothered with the place since: when I want thai satisfaction, there's a closer restaurant that's adequate.

  • It's always good when you turn out to be exactly the right kind of geek for the situation at hand.
    • Yeah. Growing up around here, being a native means that I am generally the right type of geek.
  • Damn, that's some seriously impressive Local Skillz! Those of us who grew up in vastly more boring places salute you!

    I'm even more impressed that you spent time with Anne Rice before she disappeared over the Batshit Event Horizon.
  • How did I never know until now that you once had dinner with Anne Rice?
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      • Ground floor restaurant, across the street from the Arco station: bit further towards mine from where you mentioned. :)
        Oh, and Phuket is where we took her to dinner.

        Edited at 2009-05-24 08:34 pm (UTC)
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          • I was... very tiny when the first run of the paperback happened: I have never held a copy of that edition. Hunting around the internet isn't showing me an image of a cover with a house on that could conceivably be anywhere NEAR Divis & Haight. ;)
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