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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

okay, you want to commission this person.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

okay, you want to commission this person.

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So about a year ago, I told a friend 'oh no! your cat's sick! I'll throw money at making sure she gets better, because I like you and I can afford to cover her vet bills!'
Shortly after, he said 'right, I need money, so tell me what you'd like in an original artwork!' And I said 'I got canned from my job, but how about this- and the money I spent to make sure your beloved cat was OK? Call that the commission fee.'

His response was this.

He was also kind enough to mail it to me on his own dime, since I'm going 'AAAAH WHERE IS MY INCOME AAAAAH'. I got it earlier today.

So he's djinni. Why haven't you asked him for a commission? Me, I'm stunningly happy with the commission I threw him.
  • quoth the (gorgeous) raven!
    • yah: it really is stunning.
      reallly, as a folllow-up to the Year of Buying painted work, I have no complaints. It really is stunning.
  • Ooooh. I look forward to seeing it in person! (And will try to restrain the urge to suggest ways to redecorate the entire apartment to go with it, because I love those colors.)
    • Well currently, it's hanging near the front door. While that isn't terrribly handicapped-accessed, it is a chunk of the world that I imagine you can imagine.
      • Nor can I or you afford to hang your walls in a dark sunset-russet silk, or even paint them that color, as I imagine the landlady might object. But it probably looks gorgeous there anyway, and I look forward to seeing it in person someday.
  • Yup, Tod is wonderful. :)
  • It's invisible. :(
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