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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Okay so I'm using this icon for the context

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Okay so I'm using this icon for the context

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gayer than the gayest gay that ever gaye
I watched the Star Trek movie this evening. A: I rather enjoyed it. B: The first moment we met Sulu in the movie, I whipped out my best George Takei imitation and said 'Oh my'.
I do a very good George Takei imitation, it bears note.
  • Really? The stills I'd seen of him didn't seem that worthy of an "Oh my". Then again the uniforms do seem to flatter.
    • Then again the uniforms do seem to flatter.

      I'd heard they kept the miniskirts, but if they've added minishorts, I might actually GO to this one! ;^>
    • I dunno, he has a nice gesture to him.
      Karl Urban, meanwhile, was bogglingly good. I do not recommend listening to him in this film with your eyes closed.
      • Okay, YEAH, I need to write that review.
        • Sulu wasn't that hot until I saw him in motion. Then it was Dayumn, I want me some of that.

          Oh god, karl Urban was smoking. I never thought i'd be drooling over bones.
      • Do not read my review. LOL
        • I did. The power ranger suits were not to anyone's advantage, but I still think he looked good moving and his expression was endearing. It doesn't seem fair to blame costuming and script on the actor. I do give credit for what he did with them.
          • My review is not up yet! My extended review anyway.
            • Ah. I could have sworn I saw a short review. Maybe I confused you with someone else.
              • There was a paragraph, really. I am working on a long long LONG review.
                • I do want to read it. If you read mine, about the only thing I liked was the hotness and the acting. I'm not a star trek loyalist either. I'm interested to watch varying reactions, and I don't actually need anybody to agree with me particularly. I love debate. ;)
      • Yeah, that's what I meant by 'nice gesture'. He shore do got a purty range of motion.
  • ie. You like John Cho?
  • el oh el
  • I do a very good George Takei imitation, it bears note.

    *dutifully takes note*
    • heck, doroc_sabah spent a fortnight in earshot of me and claims I sound just like him. Some of that may just be a Brit's ear confronted with the native Californian accent & comparable vocal ranges, though.
  • To each their own. (Speaking of icons as context...)

    • She was Awesome. It was soo nice having her not treated as a cardboard cutout (though she was hardly a liberated woman of the 21st century): she had just a little bit of personality.

      A woman I'm acquainted with on LJ had some interesting commentary on the absence of feminism in the new Star Trek- I think you know gadarene too?
      • I do. We spent several lovely mornings together. :)

        Anyhow, I read, and she's not wrong. Uhura is one of the most consistent grumps I've seen from people and it's totally warranted. They could have done better. I hope they WILL do better, since I see it as inescapable that there will be more. J.J. has some track record with females that kick ass on their own merits, much like Joss Whedon, but also much like Joss Whedon, that surely doesn't mean he always gets it right -- sometimes not even in the ballpark.

        Still, hot green chick. I am what I am: a product of the first wave of Star Trek syndication.

        • Okay, I did remember right. Good!
          If you hadn't seen that commentary, I figured it was worth sharing: good insightful critique that came from someone who clearly didn't hate the film, just felt there were some marks it could've hit more squarely. Oh, and a sequel's already greenlit: so yeah, there'll be at least one more.

          And yes! Hot green chick who didn't come off as '...but he's my lover! I have to kill him!' She didn't come off as a properly characterized woman, in my view, but she was far more interesting than her predecessors.
          • There is, apparently, a scene where she does try to beat the crap out of him?

            But it's because he used her messaging system to get the Kobayashi Maru cheat into the system, so the issue is not so much 'he's my lover, I have to kill him' as much as 'You son of a bitch, I'm going to reverse your digestive system!'.
  • (no subject) -
    • Huh. As I said to lankyguy above, some of that may just have been a Brit's ear confronted with the native Californian accent & comparable vocal ranges, though. Like, to me, every accent from north of Hadrian's Wall sounds troublingly similar. AND YES, I know there's a wide variety of different Scottish accents.
  • This is why I heart you. :)
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