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So I made a mistake...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So I made a mistake...

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cake or death?
I watched a little of Bill orallyO'Reilly whining about how Adam Lambert (the big fave on the current season of American Idol) has photos of him on the intertubes kissing guys... and speculating that this'll mean he doesn't win because HOLY CRAP MEN KISSING MEN OH MY GOD MEN TOUCHING TOGETHER EACH OTHER WITH THE MEN AND THE TOUCHING OH MY GOD

--seriously, though, do people really give a fuck if those two guys over there are kissing? I mean- really?
Hint: as of this moment, 1/10th of the states in the nation (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and Maine) have legal same-sex marriage.
I really do think most people just don't give a flying fuck at a galloping goose if two guys get hitched, are shagging each other, went on a date, shared a milkshake, or whatever. Some of this may be because they're going 'holy crap, my 401k lost 50% of its value this year alone!', but I do think there's an essential benevolent apathy about the question on most people's parts.

But what do you encounter, Gentle Reader, in your day to day life? Can you honestly name one person for whom the idea of Bill and Steve tying the knot is a sign that THE END IS HERE WE ARE ALL DOOMED, or does it seem like this is this just more right-wing spin-doctoring, talking about a non-issue rather than a real issue like 'why is the economy a shambles' or 'what the fuck are we doing in Iraq, anyway'?

And yes, I am seriously curious if there are real people out there, on the streets, who are genuine in freaking out about this yet are otherwise rational (we don't need to visit http://www.godhatesfags.com: I know those insane people are out there). I live in such a very liberal-bastion of a town that from here, it seems completely inconceivable to me that there could be three people who think like Bill O'Reilly 'thinks'.
  • They exist and they get airtime.

    I just listened to an admiral bleating about how if we allowed gays into the military then people would refuse to join and parents would discourage their kids from joining and wah wah wah we shouldn't subject our brave men and women in uniform to having GAYNESS near them.

    What really pisses me off is he clearly accepts women in the military, yet this *same* excuse was used to bar women from the military for ages.

    Oh yes, and before that? Blacks.

    When this was pointed out to him, he claimed that gays are "different." HOW. If it's about sex, then why isn't he discriminating against women? The excuse there used to be that the automatic assumption of sexual harassment would screw everything up. The same excuse he's using now. What a HYPOCRITE. (He probably still *is* discriminating against women inside his tiny brain, but he knows he can't get away with using his out-loud voice there. His brain is tiny therefore he hasn't made the leap that he shouldn't be able to get away with discriminating against gays, either.)

    Gays (out or no), women, and blacks in the military have not somehow caused the end of the military or life as we know it. Why can't these hypocritical idiots learn from history?

    Admiral Idiot: "Gays would be a security risk if we openly allowed them."
    Interviewer: "Because the current policy that they lose their job if they're outed makes them LESS of a security risk?"
    Admiral Idiot: "..."

    I can't call this guy rational, but he's an admiral in the navy, which means he is allowed to make important decisions.

    There was a caller who'd been discharged because of pictures of her kissing another girl from *before she'd joined*. She'd done nothing against policy while in the military, so they were discriminating against her for being a lesbian, not for any actions she was taking while in service.

    I had to stop listening to this show. It just made me so angry.
  • While I am ranting?

    Those people who say, "Oh gays are so awful because they don't have stable relationships!" and then turn around and say "We can't let them get married! It would erode family values!"

    Those people?

    They should be dipped in honey and left out for fire ants.
  • If it cheers you up, I saw that Rear admiral congressman explaining why we should let gays and lesbians serve openly just the other day. I know it doesn't solve it, but I figure the more higher brass explaining how bigotry hurts unit cohesion the better.
    • Belated response: that *does* help, thanks.

      I feel like it's going to happen, that the tide is turning, but it frustrates me that it has to be so much work every single time. At some point it should be possible to realize that this is history repeating with a vengeance. At least it's getting better.
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