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So I made a mistake...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So I made a mistake...

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cake or death?
I watched a little of Bill orallyO'Reilly whining about how Adam Lambert (the big fave on the current season of American Idol) has photos of him on the intertubes kissing guys... and speculating that this'll mean he doesn't win because HOLY CRAP MEN KISSING MEN OH MY GOD MEN TOUCHING TOGETHER EACH OTHER WITH THE MEN AND THE TOUCHING OH MY GOD

--seriously, though, do people really give a fuck if those two guys over there are kissing? I mean- really?
Hint: as of this moment, 1/10th of the states in the nation (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and Maine) have legal same-sex marriage.
I really do think most people just don't give a flying fuck at a galloping goose if two guys get hitched, are shagging each other, went on a date, shared a milkshake, or whatever. Some of this may be because they're going 'holy crap, my 401k lost 50% of its value this year alone!', but I do think there's an essential benevolent apathy about the question on most people's parts.

But what do you encounter, Gentle Reader, in your day to day life? Can you honestly name one person for whom the idea of Bill and Steve tying the knot is a sign that THE END IS HERE WE ARE ALL DOOMED, or does it seem like this is this just more right-wing spin-doctoring, talking about a non-issue rather than a real issue like 'why is the economy a shambles' or 'what the fuck are we doing in Iraq, anyway'?

And yes, I am seriously curious if there are real people out there, on the streets, who are genuine in freaking out about this yet are otherwise rational (we don't need to visit http://www.godhatesfags.com: I know those insane people are out there). I live in such a very liberal-bastion of a town that from here, it seems completely inconceivable to me that there could be three people who think like Bill O'Reilly 'thinks'.
  • My brother and sister-in-law think being a big gay homo makes God mad and supporting gay marriage likewise makes God mad. I've never seen them flip out about it, or go on an O'Reilly-esque tirade, and at least they also believe that gay-bashing likewise makes God mad. I believe my brother's comment was: Fred Phelps is going to smoke a turd in Hell.

    Mind you, I consider voting against gay marriage and reproductive rights to be a form of passive violence, and it bothers me that they do. However, they are the most anti-gay people I know, and they don't even scratch the surface of O'Reilly's BAAAWWW fest.

    Then again, how are we going to define rational? I think voting in favor of discrimination because otherwise God might get mad isn't rational. Period. No matter how calm and friendly you are about it.
    • Right: hence terming it 'genuine in freaking out about this yet are otherwise rational'.

      These do sort of sound like the folks I'm looking for: I've been doubting, without really having it come to my mind as a question, whether people even existed who were demonstrably worked up against gay marriage or homosexuality who were not also demonstrable batshit insane.

      EDIT to add: I think that the afterlife looks like you'll expect it to look like when you were alive. So Fred Phelps is going to to a place where nobody else matters- and possibly, even exists. That's enough like hell, to me, for him.

      Edited at 2009-05-08 12:49 am (UTC)
      • True. While I strongly disagree with their stance on gay rights and reproductive rights, it behooves me to admit that they are otherwise rational people. It's not a topic we go into in depth too often because we've agreed that being family is more important than getting in pot shots in a debate we'll never resolve. If they do say hurtful stuff, they don't say it while I'm around, and I appreciate it.
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