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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I feel like Imelda Marcos

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I feel like Imelda Marcos

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angel maida vale (by LJuser biichan)
SO in the process of digging around on the interwebs today, I discovered there are shoes I need.

I do not want them.
I need them.
I make this distinction because holy CRAP these are awesome.

See, someone decided 'hey, wouldn't it be awesome to do hi-tops and use refurbished Tube upholstery from various lines?' was a good business model.

So they have a website.

While I wish the Northern Line upholstery were still available in my size, the District line upholstery still is.

Should I beg you for paypal submissions, since I can't justify to myself spending REAL MONEY on a pair of shoes?

Fuck it, yeah, I'll beg. Whatever you feel like throwing at the 'colubra needs a pair of shoes made of tube upholstery' fund can go to my paypal, which is angstATgothpunkDOTcom (obviously, capitalized words need to be replaced with other things).

And thank you.

Holy shit, someone threw $75 at the buy-colubra shoes fund. Feck, I'd figured on $5 and $10 donations.
  • These shoes are awesome. You should have them.
  • *cries with the pain of WANT*
  • Say, as far as I know (and I think I might be fairly expert on the topic), the email account you reference for your PayPal has expired and been shut down. Do you want it revived?
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