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Opinions sought: contracting / consulting

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Opinions sought: contracting / consulting

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Mongo Hate Job
So the folks I consulted with, earlier this month, asked me for an invoice (d'oh!) and said they were talking to their attorney about a consulting agreement, today.

So... does that sound to anyone else like they're planning on having me back / putting my butt in their forthcoming SF office? It seems to me like closing the barn door after the cow's out, if it's to agree on what I'm helping them with for the you know. One day I already helped 'em. Anyone with experience as a consultant, I'd really appreciate your opinions on this, please.

Uhm. Whee? :D
  • My take: the lack of an NDA and of mention of me signing one means that they trust I won't blow my mouth off about things. But if they are willing to trust that, surely there's no need for a cover-your-ass contract, as anything I might do outside of the NDA is a far lower risk of damage to the company's capital and assets than not covering their ass with a written NDA.
    • And the trust itself is a Good Sign.

      But I would chat to your friend.

      Also, yay, home soon to receive delivery of bed yay.
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