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On the civil rights front, today...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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On the civil rights front, today...

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Allen Andrade convicted of first-degree murder and a bias-motivated crime in the slaying of Angie Zapata. (CNN link, and good god, their reporters can't copyedit for crap).

This is a landmark case for everybody with an interest in the alternatively-sexual community: Angie's death was specifically due to her being transgendered, according to Mr. Andrade's own testimony. And this was the first time that a state's hate crime statutes were used in the prosecution of a transgendered person's demise.

Every so often, America? You give me hope.
  • I grieve for her but at least there was some justice
    • Yeah: it's horrible she died like this, no question. I'm mostly focusing on celebrating that her death was treated with the deference allowed for any other US citizen's death- as in, 'she was member of protected-category and died because of being a member thereof: there's penalty involved because of that!'

      While it's sad she's gone, it's very much a good thing that her passing was treated as a hate crime. Her passing may produce positive response for those of us who survive her.
  • On a barely related note, Maine's started the legal process of passing or not-passing a "Marriage Equality" bill, hot on the footsteps of Vermont.

    Rumor has it that the supporters vs opposition was at a 4:1 ratio at the hearing in Augusta.
  • He called her an "it", for pete's sake. Throw away the key, your Honor.
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