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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Well isn't THAT fucking chilling (with horrified thanks to srallen)

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Well isn't THAT fucking chilling (with horrified thanks to srallen)

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mucha mosaic
'Your enemies do not surround you. Your enemies lead you.' -- GWB, State of the Nation Address.

He was talking about Iraq. Because, as we all know, Iraq is deeply relevant to the state of the nation. Deeply and truly.
THEIR enemies lead them. OUR enemies are not leading us. OUR enemies who have done billions of dollars of damage to the nation's infrastructure with the sole purpose of lining their pockets do NOT lead us. OUR enemies who are attempting to commemmorate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by OVERTURNING IT, and leading us back into the 1950's when apparently women douched with LYSOL for the sake of their husbands, are not leading this country.

If anything above bothered you, you are a US citizen, and you have not yet registered to vote,


Register to vote. NOW. Before the Bush junta outlaws that, too.

Further critical analysis to a degree of granularity that A) I simply haven't the expertise to do, and B) is at a volume of cynical wit I can only hope to achieve sometime, is available by clicking on the following LJ user's name: prickvixen (and my quiet applause is duly noted).
  • Take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy! Oh man, wonder if he'll ever know.
    • He's the president of europe, and he's talking to the dead
      They're the only ones who'll listen, or believe a word he's said

      I know you're out there, I know you're out there somewhere,
      I know you're out there- When I hear the word 'security', I reach for my shotgun
  • I was particularly irked by his statements about fighting aids in Africa. Not that this isn't a worthy goal that we should certainly embrace but I fear that this will be the way that he coopts money and public attention away from his lack of compassion towards gay sufferers of aids. I mean he just appointed a right wing religious nutcase who blames gay people for his contracting aids, which he got from his wife who originally got it from a blood transfusion. This sort of coopting of resources to fit an agenda is a despicable practice pioneered by the tobacco industry and embraced by the right in thier zealous persuit of their social ideals. Robbing Peter to pay Paul if you will.

    Roe vs Wade isn't the only cornerstone that Bush's got in his sights, title IX, and affirmative action are also in trouble. I knew that this was going to be bad when he took office but I got a clue as to how bad when he eliminated the Office of Women's Affairs because "....women have no more real issues...." in the first part of his presidency. I like to say cancer instead of presidency but that's just me.

    The problem is where will the next viable candidate come from, the Democrats seem not to be able to mount a serious candidate. Will Dick Cheney be the nominee after Bush is done? Personally I'm of the view that we're going to see a President Gulliani but whatever the future holds I certainly agree with Rev. Jesse Jackson when he said in his address to the Democratic convention "...America, stay out of the Bushes!".
  • I can't vote now, it's not election day.
    • Don't let THE MAN keep you down!
      • Yeah, man...

        Activism doesn't play by the "rules." It doesn't know about things like "voting schedules." Go vote at your local middle school RIGHT NOW.

        DO IT!
  • I was afraid I was the only person to hear that little clip.

    If it wasn't so scary/pathetic I'd be amused. *heh*
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