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Well isn't THAT fucking chilling (with horrified thanks to srallen)

'Your enemies do not surround you. Your enemies lead you.' -- GWB, State of the Nation Address.

He was talking about Iraq. Because, as we all know, Iraq is deeply relevant to the state of the nation. Deeply and truly.
THEIR enemies lead them. OUR enemies are not leading us. OUR enemies who have done billions of dollars of damage to the nation's infrastructure with the sole purpose of lining their pockets do NOT lead us. OUR enemies who are attempting to commemmorate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by OVERTURNING IT, and leading us back into the 1950's when apparently women douched with LYSOL for the sake of their husbands, are not leading this country.

If anything above bothered you, you are a US citizen, and you have not yet registered to vote,


Register to vote. NOW. Before the Bush junta outlaws that, too.

Further critical analysis to a degree of granularity that A) I simply haven't the expertise to do, and B) is at a volume of cynical wit I can only hope to achieve sometime, is available by clicking on the following LJ user's name: prickvixen (and my quiet applause is duly noted).

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