I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

It's Time for Suffering Is Hip!

So this game is one that I haven't dredged out in a bit. The game is played thus:
1: someone suggests two authors (which I've done below).
2: the next person to play comes up with a title for a fictive collaboration between them. He then
3: suggests two more collaborators.

Points are awarded on a completely gratuitous basis: cognitive dissonance (Karl Marx and Ayn Rand is a high-scorer, here), laughworthy title (Fuck fucking fucker's fucking fuckety fuck, Fuck!, by Erica Jong and Charles Bukowski), Literary in-joke (Robert Anton Wilson and Ayn Rand, for example, would collaborate as Matt Ruff and produce a novel titled Sewer, Gas, Electric: The Public Works Trilogy), and imagination (you can figure out what imagination means). There is no real score-keeping and no real 'winner': it's just amusement.

The game's called 'Suffering is Hip' because that was the title that came out as an imagined collaboration between Jack Kerouac and Jean-Paul Sartre. Imaginative titles are a bit harder- but a bit more rewarding, to my view. However, titles could be more directly derived from the titles of the authors' works: Ian Fleming and Gabriel Garcia Marquez might produce Love in the Time of Goldfinger, say- or Hunter S. Thompson and Jay McInerney might produce Bright Fear, Big Loathing.

Be sure to check comments- because someone is almost certainly bound to have answered my initial kick-off and supplied a suggestion of their own. If the thread forks (it almost always does), go with whichever you feel like choosing.

Okay, then.
What would a novel that was co-authored by V. C. Andrews and Vladimir Nabokov be titled- and which two authors would you like someone else to try to title a collaboration between?

Your response goes into your comment. Happy hunting!

EDIT to add:
it really doesn't matter if the thread forks: sometimes I may say 'okay, dead end, go down' but I'll try to avoid doing that. ;)
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