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Writer's Block: AIDS Awareness

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Writer's Block: AIDS Awareness

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It's the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day today. From clean needles to safe sex, the fight against AIDS has touched everyone's life. How has it affected yours?

Lessee: other than 15 dead friends and 1 dead love-of-my-life, not much...
  • Ouch.

    My thoughts are with you. it's a rough season.
  • <3.
  • Ouch, indeed.

  • love you.
  • There's just nothing to say other than I'm sorry for your losses. I'm sorry for the world's losses from this inexcusable, wretched disease. :(
  • *hugs*
  • *hugs a lot*
  • I'm so sorry...

    How has it affected me? I've lost a handful of friends, a couple of co-workers, and the best uncle a little girl could have. But I also have a brother who's benefitted from the openness and visibility the epidemic provoked, and a number of friends who are completely comfortable (and utterly shameless) in their sexuality for the same reasons... and I have a deep and abiding desire to piss on Ronnie's grave.
  • Words are never enough. Nothing is.
  • You have my deepest sympathies. I too have lost dear ones to this horrible disease.
  • :(

    I only just learned a friend from Reno is positive. That's likely more than the "average American" for whose want of awareness this day was created, but I know it pales next to many of my friends' experiences.
  • the writer's blocks generally suck.

    also: *hugs*
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