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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

If you like tiki bars, have I got a tiki bar for you. The Bamboo Hut,…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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If you like tiki bars, have I got a tiki bar for you.
The Bamboo Hut, at 600ish Broadway in SF, is how a tiki bar happens when it's opened in 1998.
And the happy hour is 3 hours long.
And the drinks are potent.

Nummy goodness.
  • ...That's very flattering! Who was this?
    • Some hot stranger standing next to me. I think he was wearing black. ;-)
      • This is not a useful reduction of field.
        • He had adorable face scruff and some piercings. Help?
          Next time I'll get a name and # for ya. OK??

          • Here's a start:
            -taller or shorter than Colubra?
            -hair color?
            -slender or stocky build?
            -persons he seemed to call company (and any personal data on them)?

            Really, its been long enough since anyone's expressed interest to my face that I WELCOME such forthright expressions.

            If I need to say for the new year's invite 'PLZ COME IF YOU ARE X TALL AND AUBURNHAIRED'?
            I will do so.
  • Isn't the proper term "Ginger" these days? :)
    • Naw, a ginger's as redheaded as the Weasley twins in the movies, for reference's sake.
  • bah, some people do express interest. ;)

    also, wtf is a tiki bar?
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