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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
How can ANY CREATURE THIS CUTE be endangered???
Is she not frightfully adorable???

Click here for a story on CNN: She's being transplanted from Trinidad to New Mexico along with mom, dad, and 8 aunts and uncles.

She even makes a lovely icon. Awww.
  • aww that poor thing, it is really cute, i want one now... that face ooo0
    • She was, apparently, conceived en route. That's a human finger she's sitting on... and doesn't she look like she's going '....aw yeaaaaah', like a little pug dog or something?
      My compliments to the keepers who can manage a bat transport that far that has them so comfy they feel like /making/ baby bats. ;)
  • Good Lord...

    What? No! We can't stop here! This is bat country!
  • Anybody else get Stevie Nicks in their head reading this article? 'Just like the white winged bat sings a song sounds like she's singin' ooh baby oooh, said ooooh...'

    Okay, you can shoot me now.

    Did you ever read the children's book Stellaluna, about the little fruit bat who tried to be a bird? She looks like Stellaluna. I loved that book. This is a great article -- it's fantastic that they're trying to save the bats. What I think is even more notable, and likely to be overlooked but says an awful lot about how humane they're being -- they're even trying to make things painless for the chickens who are the blood donors. And that's fucking cool.

  • I might have had to sic Andy on you for starting me on yet another "I want!" kick, but luvkily you're safe. I'm still whimpering from torquemada's puppy post from the other day, and besides, I'd never want an endangered animal as a pet -- better to let them in the wild where they might have a chance of becoming unendangered.

    On another note, I wish no animal, no matter how cute or not, was on the endangered list. Well. Except for mosquitoes. And horseflies. And wasps, hornets, and yellow-jackets. And humans who don't care if animals do go extinct, especially if they're doing it for money.
    • Oh, no kidding! But it surprises me that a creature who seems to have a ton of cute going for it is endangered.
      • A lot of people still have the scary bats=death! thing going. Rabies and all. I personally think that nearly all bats are adorably cute.
  • I think lots of bats are really adorable. :)
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