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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Movie quiz

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Movie quiz

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mucha mosaic
cribbed offa nihilistic_kid.

First movie you saw in the theatre: Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, if memory serves, at the Belmont Theatre in San Mateo (just barely north of Belmont)

Fav movie as a kid: Uhm... Airplane, if memory serves (also seen first at the Belmont)

Movie you have seen the most times: Rocky Horror Picture Show (typically seen on a Friday night at, you guessed it, the Belmont)</b>

Biggest movie star crush as a kid: Looking back on it? Christian Slater. At the time I had no idea.

Fav 80's teen movie: Breakfast Club

Fav song from a movie: A seriously tough question: I've been a fan of soundtracks for ages. Is this limited to original compositions for film? If not, then Mozart's Requiem. If yes, then quite probably Howard Shore & Ornette Coleman's compositions for Naked Lunch.

Fav love movie: Jeffrey

Fav horror movie: The Omen

Fav Drama: Blue Velvet

Fav Sci Fi movie: Either Bladerunner or Baron Munchausen (Baron, if this is SF/Fantasy rather than merely SF)

Fav musical: I don't much like musicals, so this would take too much thought.

Fav comedy: Tampopo

Fav action movie: Seven Samurai

Movie that scared you as a child: I never was scared of movies as a kid.

Movie that makes you cry every time you see it: Jeffrey, Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Worst movie you ever saw: Ishtar

Movie you walked out on in the theatre cause it was so bad: Soldier, starring Kurt Russell. Oh my god, this may be the worst film ever.

Most sexual movie you ever saw (NON PORN): Tough call: Doom Generation, Nowhere, Titus, and Naked Lunch are all pretty erotically charged...

Most disturbing movie you ever saw: The Ring

Movie that supposedly sucks but you love it: Gamera Vs. Guiron

Fav actors: Miguel Ferrer, Alan Alda, Ian McKellen, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Brendan Frasier, Steve Buscemi, Kevin Meaney

Fav actresses: Janine Garafolo, Allison Janney, Maggie Smith, Angela Lansbury, Sherilyn Fenn

Movie you wanted to see the most as a child but were not allowed to: Alien

Sexiest movie star of all time MALE: Jeez, uhm... Maybe Flynn, maybe Valentino. I'm honestly unsure.

Sexiest movie star of all time FEMALE: I'm a terrible judge here. Marilyn seems to have been remarkably sexy though

Movie that could/might as well been written about your life: Nowhere

Fave villain in a movie: The Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson, in Adventures of Baron Munchausen. The sheer... burning /grinding/ banality of this creature makes me shudder- as does his certainty that whatever he's up to is completely right.

Last movie you saw on TV/rented? Uhm... uhmmmmmm...

Last movie you saw in theatre: The Ring
  • Nice to see you're amused. care to share with the class why? :)
  • Ummm, say, colubra... you don't seem to have any content in that there post.

  • Oh good, I'm not the only one who's seen Jeffrey.

    I feel better now :)
    • Ah Jeffrey

      A: I adore that movie.
      B: that movie utterly destroys me.
      Paul Rudnick (Auth. Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Sister Act, Jeffrey) is truly a god. If you can find his novel 'Social Disease' and find yourself wondering about comedic approaches to late-80's/early-90's clubkid culture on Manhattan- buy the novel. It's SCREAMINGLY funny.
      • Re: Ah Jeffrey

        Well it's a good thing I'm going up to the library tomorrow, enit? *grins*

        I love Jeffrey... it's so... so...

        And it doesn't hurt to have Patrick Stewart camping it up. "It's not that we're not sad. It's just that there are all these... guys!" Except for that last scene... gods.

        I saw it performed as a play before I moved here and I could NOT stop comparing it to the movie. The movie won, of course.

        Now it needs to come out on DVD. Moral imperative, dontcha know.
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