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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

'A million years of evolution, we get Danny Quayle.'

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

'A million years of evolution, we get Danny Quayle.'

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mucha mosaic
Today, I read the news while listening to Oingo Boingo's 'Insanity'. It is enough to make your head pop off.
Wow. Just...when did the nation I live in turn into a steel-faced fascist with a vested interest in stomping a boot down into the mushy head of humankind? When did this happen? I seem to have fucking MISSED something in the last decade or something.
  • I think it was when the electoral college voted in the one who didn't win the popular vote (admittedly, a very, very slim margin in the popular vote, but still...)
  • I don't think you missed it per se...

    As they've been awfully good at hiding it for years. They've just gotten a lot more bold faced about it recently.

    It's amazing what the public will buy if they think it will keep them safe.
  • This is either a rhetorical question or part of that whole death memory loss thing isn't it?

  • I would send out for assistance but there's someone on the signal wire
    And the corporation logo is flashing on and off in the sky
    They're putting all your names in the forbidden book
    I know what they're doing but I don't want to look

    You think they're so dumb
    You think they're so funny
    Wait until they've got you running to the
    Night rally, night rally, night rally

    -Elvis Costello, "Night Rally", 1978
  • I'm sorry. When you died, you actually woke up in the Evil Alternate Universe.

    Unfortunately the rest of us did too.
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