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Successful experiment: bought an album by a band that are all younger than me, and I already am completely fascinated by it. The album's named 'Songs About Jane', the band's name is 'Maroon 5'.

It's got the full-on mid-70's soul thang goin' on. I'm surprised by just how much I like it. It's sort of reminiscent of that Santana-plus-Rob-Thomas number (Smooth, off the album 'Supernatural')-- however, it's got a lot more funk than that. Weeeird. Neat.
update: I am finding myself, on repeated listening, to be a bit less sold on this album: it seems a bit by-the-book, as it were: all the songs sort of blend into each other.

I'm now listening to The Strokes' album 'Is this It', and all I can think is that someone's been listening to a couple metric fucktons of John Cale, Lou Reed, & Velvet Underground. It's nice that someone DOES wear that influence on their sleeve so hugely writ, but. I will have to give this one more time to grow on me.
update: Yeah, the Velvet Underground thing does have a good selling point for an album by my lights. Oh well. We live, we learn. :)

Oh, and as a lemming:
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