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Surreal Japanese Headline of the day-- and tangential thoughts it inspired

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Surreal Japanese Headline of the day-- and tangential thoughts it inspired

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mucha mosaic
Well okay it's from the recent past. But it's still a surreal headline. Read the synopsis before clicking the link:
There are two sides to every sex slave story.
The article is related to a huge sex scandal case going on in Japan right now. A woman claims she was abducted and kept prisoner by a truck driver for (months? Years? I don't remember precisely.) This story is not hers: this is the story of the accused's parents giving their perspective on the accusation (they think it's bogus). It may bug you a bit- also, it's just not as attention-grabbing as the headline. I mostly link the article because the headline first made me snicker, wondering what the hell they were talking about-- then made me tilt my head and wonder to myself 'okay; what WOULD the other side of The Story of O, or Justine, look like?'

The thing that struck me, reading it, was that the concept that it was not a consensual scene never even crossed my mind. So I was sitting there trying to puzzle out the other side of a situation where everybody's a consenting adult, and...damnit, now it's stuck in my head. What is the other side of a BDSM fantasy? 'She tied me up and I loved it' and 'I tied him up and I loved it' aren't the 'other side' from each other, really: it's like cream and sugar in coffee. You may not like cream. You may not like sugar. But chances are that you don't view yourself as a cream lover or a sugar gourmet. Sugar in coffee or cream in coffee are still coffee, mentally. It's curious to me that I didn't think of it as non-consensual-- and then it's curious to me that I can't come up with an 'other side' to consensual BDSM play. I know I'm being semantic as all hell, but I can't help wondering: who's the 'other' side, the side not getting heard or getting the microphone, in consensual BDSM play?

Thoughts? Comments? A desire to scream at me for not friendslisting this entry? Have at.
  • Well, I guess it depends; I don't think there's ever only two sides, admittedly, but rather more of a talmudic approach (tetrahexagrammatical?) where there's as many sides as there are people even tangentially involved, if not more.

    The issue of BDSM is one which tends to get most people tied up in knots, no pun or joke intended; the 'other side' would probably be the parents' view, like in the link you posted. If it's consensual, then as you said, there's really only one side viewed for the participants, as long as we're leaving out the internal debate/evolution (or devolution in some cases) of response and reaction; the externals to the situation would be 'the other side'.

    Society as a whole, which tends to view any real experimentation with something less than open arms, or society as engendered in parents or siblings or friends or whatever - whether accepting or non-accepting, they'd - I'd think - be 'the other side', in their reactions and evaluations of it.

    Of course, I could also be taking hits off the philosophically pretentious bong.
  • My first thought was that the "other" side would be the voyeur. The side that is only watching and often makes comment to an act that h or she has no power nor control over the situation or conesnt of the act.

    The voyeur can apply to someone who might watching a videotape or live version of the act or someone who just makes a criticism of the experience.
  • my stab at it...

    perhaps if consensual, enjoying BDSM is one side, then BDSM which is not enjoyed is the other? Perhaps the voyeur who dislikes it for moreal reasons but has to watch for some bizarre Inquisition-like reason?

    Or, perhaps, in a reversal of most BDSM stories where the innocent slave goes from fear of the unknown scary sex to submission and deep enjoyment of kinky stuff, someone who goes into such an experience or relationship convinced that they'll love it, but finds themselves hating it? Perhaps a willing, happy slave finds themselves in a relationship with an icky, abusive, bad master and learns to hate BDSM as a result?
  • Qu'est - que "WAIWAI"?!?!?

    I was noticing some of the story links on the left table:

    Gorgeous guys in miniskirts prowl in search of kinky johns

    Computer geek peddles bootleg porn from city hall

    Girls without panties slip into the groove

    Shutter bugs shooting up leaves some steaming

    Sexy lady pro wrestlers gently grapple guys' gonads

    'Erotic sushi' bar serves up tantalizing treats

    Raunchy cabaret club flashes different type of cancan

    is WAIWAI the naughty side of the Japanese news??
    • Re: Qu'est - que "WAIWAI"?!?!?

      WaiWai is a summary of weird shit from various newspapers, translated into English.
      • Re: Qu'est - que "WAIWAI"?!?!?

        Sexy lady pro wrestlers gently grapple guys' gonads

        Yeah, I would file it under that category.

        "Huh-huh, they said gonads"
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