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Surreal Japanese Headline of the day-- and tangential thoughts it inspired

Well okay it's from the recent past. But it's still a surreal headline. Read the synopsis before clicking the link:
There are two sides to every sex slave story.
The article is related to a huge sex scandal case going on in Japan right now. A woman claims she was abducted and kept prisoner by a truck driver for (months? Years? I don't remember precisely.) This story is not hers: this is the story of the accused's parents giving their perspective on the accusation (they think it's bogus). It may bug you a bit- also, it's just not as attention-grabbing as the headline. I mostly link the article because the headline first made me snicker, wondering what the hell they were talking about-- then made me tilt my head and wonder to myself 'okay; what WOULD the other side of The Story of O, or Justine, look like?'

The thing that struck me, reading it, was that the concept that it was not a consensual scene never even crossed my mind. So I was sitting there trying to puzzle out the other side of a situation where everybody's a consenting adult, and...damnit, now it's stuck in my head. What is the other side of a BDSM fantasy? 'She tied me up and I loved it' and 'I tied him up and I loved it' aren't the 'other side' from each other, really: it's like cream and sugar in coffee. You may not like cream. You may not like sugar. But chances are that you don't view yourself as a cream lover or a sugar gourmet. Sugar in coffee or cream in coffee are still coffee, mentally. It's curious to me that I didn't think of it as non-consensual-- and then it's curious to me that I can't come up with an 'other side' to consensual BDSM play. I know I'm being semantic as all hell, but I can't help wondering: who's the 'other' side, the side not getting heard or getting the microphone, in consensual BDSM play?

Thoughts? Comments? A desire to scream at me for not friendslisting this entry? Have at.

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